Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Windstorm Pounds Rochester NY- 75 mph

The windstorm was so server that many thought it was a tornado. It was official the 3rd worst windstorm in Rochester history. Up to 75 mph winds. It hit around 5:00 this morning bring down wires, poles, trees, and roof, leaving about 33,000 RG&E customers without power. Some may not have power restored until Sunday. Airport officials pulled the air traffic controllers out of the airport tower for 15 minutes due to high winds.There were several cancellations and delays with flights. The Red Cross has opened up several shelters in the area. The west side of Monroe County appears hardest hit with damage stretching through Gates, Chili, Greece, Pittsford, Penfield and Southeast Rochester, and down through Geneseo and Mt. Morris. Many traffic accidents accrued. 1 death due to a car crash because some traffic lights were disabled.

I was lucky my power remained on.

You can read more, including a slide show at- 13 WHAM TV


Anonymous said...

That storm was scary. I still have power too, but there's a giant tree lying on the power lines behind my house, threatening to rip them down from the pole. I wonder how long it will take RGE to come dispose of it.

Awake In Rochester said...

Anonymous, good to see another Rochester area person. RG&E will be busy getting power back. Hopefully they will get to you soon. Meanwhile stay safe.

Charles Tryon said...

Heh... yea, it was quite a storm, though in my case, it had some interesting consequences. I've put it in my blogspot at:

Awake In Rochester said...

Hello Neighbor! Good to see another person from Rochester.

I read your post, it was interesting. God works in mysterious ways.

I left a comment or two. I hope to see you soon.