Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Police Called

A police officer left a phone message for me. He said that he was at company ABZ (not real name) and about to fill out a complaint on me because a check that I wrote a year go for $240 that had bounced. He said that if I didn't pay the money that I would be arrested.

What a shock! At first I thought that it was a bad joke so I called 911, but I found out it was legitimate. The officer was off duty when I called.

Can they do that? Can they arrest someone for a bounced check? And if they did arrest me would my career as a Nursing Assistant be over? They do good background checks on Nursing Assistants. I might never be able to get another job.

I called ABZ company and talked with the owner, but didn't get anywhere. I started to panic so I called my cousin. He also called the company, but the owner wouldn't budge.

The next day I couldn't stop crying. I kept looking at the door every few minutes wondering when the police would come. I don't have $240 or I would pay it. I have about $5, and I'm virtually out of a job. I felt like a sitting duck wondering when the police would come arrest me, so I left my apartment for most of the day. My neighbor told me that no one came to the door while I was gone.
The depression & anxiety that was starting to diminished is back in full force now. I've been crying my eyes out, and terrified. I'm not sleeping. I no longer feel safe in my home. I hate myself for being in such a mess. It's always something. I'm just so sick of it. So sick of struggling. Life has become such a struggle socially, and financially that I sometimes just want it to end. I just hate myself.

I'm going to go to Social Services to see if I can get financial help, but I doubt it. I was just there several months ago. I called my agency, but they still don't have work. My cousin says that he will talk to the police officers, but what good will that do? It's nice of him to want to do that, but I don't think that it will make a difference.

So I sit in my apartment crying and wondering if/when I'll hear a knock at the door from the police and be arrested. I'm scared to death! God, how I hate myself. Sometimes I really don't want to be here.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fire ALL The New York State Senators!

Question - Who's in Charge of the New York State Senate?

Answer - The Stooges! Knuckleheads! Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Here is what has happened in a nutshell... Democrat Senators were in control until a coup two weeks ago. Two Democrat senators Pedro Espada Jr. and Monserrate switched to the Republican side. Reporters say independent upstate businessman Tom Golisano played a role in their coup. (At least he's leaving N.Y. State soon.) There was rumor of a physical altercation (fist fight?).

Democrats refused to acknowledge the Republican coup, and stopped going to the Senate meetings. The whole thing got kicked up to the courts.

The court decision was something like, ...Hey, knuckleheads, get your act together. YOU senators need to decide who is in charge. ..Around this time one of the Democrat defectors came back to the Demarcate side making it dead even.

This all happened on June 8th. It's been about two weeks since the coup, and basically the Senate has been shut down. Knuckleheads!

Gov. Paterson (Dem) stepped in and said that he will make the Knuckleheads show up even if he has to get the guards involved. One reporter noted that the Governor can make the senators show up , but can't make them vote. Yesterday senators showed up, but it was a two ring circus. "Parallel dueling" sessions were held with several senators talking at the same time.

The knuckleheads are more then an embarrassment to New York state and the U.S. They are selfish, greedy, and power hungry. You would think that after 9-11, The attack on America, that the government would grow up and come together for the sake of the country, but... NO! You would thing that during the greatest recession since the great depression that they would stop being so selfish, but ... NO! You would think that during a flu pandemic that may lead us into a depression. A flu that could mutate into something very deadly, that that they would stop being so selfish, but ... NO! The Senate as a whole is acting like The Three Stooges! Someone please clunk their heads together!!!

The British would never put up with this crap! Prime Minister Tony Blair had to leave office early because he lost favor in the eyes of the Brits. In Britain they realize that the government works for the people, and not the other way around. For some reason we in the U.S don't understand this basic concept and allow way too much crap.

My solution - FIRE ALL THE KNUCKLEHEADS (SENATORS)! Make them run for the senate again with a two week campaign, giving them and their opponents the same money to run on. Why not!? It's not like the N.Y. Senate will get anything done during that time period. Hopefully the people will figure out who the worst offenders are and vote them out. That way we will have a New York Senate that is a bit more for the people, and less like the Three Stooges.

To Contact Gov. David Paterson of N.Y. State CLICK HERE

Read about the Stooges, Um N.Y. State Senators ...

CBS - In New York, Senate "Coup" Takes Down Dems

Capital News 9 -

New York Times - Dueling Sessions Cast Doubt on Any Action by State Senate - Fate of same-sex marriage bill in NY State could come down to the vote of one man, Bronx Democrat Ruben Diaz.

NOTE: The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the early to mid–20th century. They were named "Larry, Moe, and Curly" (Shemp replaced Curly later.) They often used slapstick, name calling, and physical comedy like poking each other in the eye. Moe often clunked the other two heads together calling them "Knuckleheads." They often fought each other, and portrayed themselves as stupid buffoons.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Ramblings #5 - Plus Rochester & Syracuse h1n1 Flu Update

Loving Spring!
- Wow! We have spring in Rochester! It's my favorite season, but sometimes we go from winter to summer. It's warming up a bit, but no real hot weather, and that suites me fine. Sure we get rain, but like I say... better rain then snow.

Here Chippieee! - My neighbor is at it again! She is feeding, and calling the darn chipmunks. She opens her window, calls to them, and then closes her window. Five minutes later she is doing the same thing. Then fine minute later. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. She is driving me crazy! Well, she is my favorite neighbor, and we watch out for each other, so I'm biting my tongue.

"Experience Not Required" - I was reading in the help wanted section and found an ad that said, Nursing Assistants Wanted "experience not required." I have NEVER seen that before in reference to an Aide. A Nurse - yes, an Aide - NEVER. We have to many Aides in Rochester so the employers get to pick. I guess that facility is getting ready for the h1n1 flu. Doors should open up to me soon.

Rochester & Syracuse New York Swine Flu Update - Bravo to WHEC Chanel 10 TV for having good coverage of this! They are the ONLY local station who informed us. It seems that the government told reporters not to say much, so we will not panic. But I worry more when I don't hear. Summarized it says that school # 12 might have a few h1n1 cases, but they are not sure. The health department is no longer notifying schools of confirmed cases. (BOO!) Dr. Ed Walsh, the head of infectious disease at Rochester General Hospital said that "his lab has handled more than 200 flu samples recently and most have tested positive for the H1N1 strain. Officially, the health department confirms only 18 cases in Monroe County. "

Syracuse N.Y. is about 85 miles from Rochester. Some disturbing stats are coming out of Syracuse concerning h1n1. They have 70 confirmed cases with 2 deaths. (About 2 deaths per thousand is expected of mild pandemic.) Nine have required hospitalization. That's about 1 out of 7 people! EK! I hope that they don't end up like New York City. and I hope that Rochester doesn't either. Of the 27 swine flu deaths in the U.S. 15 have been from N.Y. City with 820 confirmed cases. More then 500 people have been hospitalized. Thousands of people have reported flu-like symptoms. Nearly 60 schools have been closed. The city has "spent more than $10 million dealing with swine flu and estimated long-term costs rising to $100 million".
UPDATE: Monroe County has issued a health alert for the greater Rochester area for the Swine Flu. Basicly it says - Dr. Andrew Doniger County Health Director says "the local influenza outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and it's putting a strain on doctors' offices, emergency rooms and urgent care centers"... "People who have serious underlying chronic health problems could end up in the hospital and have severe complications from the flu."

School absenteeism rates rose to twice the level expected.

..."he is raising the alert level and people should expect to see changes in the way they get health care. In short, if you don't have a serious case of the flu, you may not get into see your doctor right away. That's because they're now prioritizing doctor visits to treat only the most vulnerable flu patients..."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - h1n1 information & preparation

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Prepare for h1n1 (Swine Flu) - Soon Moderate Pandemic

When WHO World Health Organization declares the h1n1 flu to be a pandemic (and they will) it will come with a “Moderate” severity warning according to keiji Fukuda WHO interim assistant director – general for health security and environment. “It is fair to call the situation moderate. We know this infection can be fatal in a number of individuals. This includes people who have some underlying medical conditions and it includes women who are pregnant – but it also includes people who are perfectly healthy. So we do have some hesitation calling such an infection mild” said Fukuda. (Source WebMD – “WHO: World Closer to Swine Flu Pandemic”) Like many I had hoped that the severity would remain mild, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

According to the article “The WHO has been dragging its feet over declaring a worldwide pandemic to avoid causing undue alarm and to allow it time to develop specific guidance for different parts of the world.”

I’ve been reading the book, “The Great Influenza”, by John M. Barry. This is the same book that Pres. Obama is reading, and recommended by infection disease expert Dr. Michael Osterholm. Mr. Barry gives a warning in the last chapter called “Afterword.” He says that a MILD pandemic would be more deadly today then the one in 1968 due to several reasons. 1) More people today have impaired immune systems like the “elderly, cancer survivors who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation, transplant recipients, those infected with HIV, and others.” Recently Dr. Richard Daines, NYS Health Commissioner, said that some underline medical conditions are “lung disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy.” Mr. Barry noted that in past pandemics those “most likely to die were pregnant women.” 2) Barry goes on “…even in advanced countries a Pandemic would stretch the health care system to the point of collapse, and beyond it.” This is due to cutting cost and fewer hospital beds then during the 1968 pandemic. In hospitals there will be a shortage of life saving respirators due to the number of ill.

Mr. Barry, and Dr. Osterholm, and others have warned of trade being disrupted during a pandemic today. They warn that medical supplies like antibiotics, hypodermic needles, and hospital masks could run out. Even food supplies and chlorine (that purifies our water) might be interrupted. Services like electricity, and garbage disposal could be interrupted, partly due to a high number of absent workers due to illness. A pandemic will also be a blow to our economy.

In the past Dr Osterholm has recommended that we stockpile 4 to 5 weeks of necessary supplies to better prepare ourselves. I believe that we are not being told to save supplies today because it might cause panic. The following is a checklist of general supplies…

*Bottled Water

*Nonperishable Foods

*Prescription Medication & Vitamins

*Flashlight & batteries

*Portable Radio

*Paper Products – tissues & toilet paper

*Baby Products – formula, diapers

*Extra Cash on hand

*A “Family Plan” (to stay home during a flu outbreak if necessary)

*I would add a means to heat your house because of possible electrical interruptions.

click here for more ideas

The scenario Mr. Barry writes is one of a mild pandemic, however, this fall we will be hit with a moderately sever pandemic which will amplify these problems. A pandemic usually lasts 1-2 years, and comes in waves. One day we might find the city we live in shut down like Mexico was. Churches, schools, restaurants, food markets were closed, and everyone was asked to stay home for a week or so. It could happen to us. Trade is expected to be interrupted during a pandemic affecting the availability of some necessary items at times. I hope that you will save 4 to 5 weeks of necessary items so that you are more prepared for the two flues that will hit us this fall. One of these flu’s will come with a bit of a bite.

UPDATE: I found this website - by the U.S. government. It has some good information. It suggests saving 2 weeks of supplies, but I've heard 4-5 weeks by an expert.

Related Story by Associated Press: "WHO says it may declare swine flu pandemic soon"