Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Impatient Server

I was in my favorite Chinese Restaurant. The server took my order, but before I could tell him that I wanted chop sticks with my meal, he turned in a flash, and was gone. It was a slow day, not too many tables were occupied. What was the rush? “Ug, this guy acts so impatient”, I thought. Soon he returned with soup. “Do I get this too?” I asked. “Yes”, he said, turned tail and zoom, was gone. Now I was worried. I had ordered Beef with mixed vegetables many times before, and knew that it don’t come with soup. Did I order the wrong thing? He was already on the other side of the room. I continued to worry. "If I get his attention, maybe I can change the order, I must have messed up", I thought. I flagged him down, by waving my hand. He came over from the opposite side of the room. “I think that I got my order wrong”, I said. “Beef, with mix vegetables?” he replied “Yes, but the soup?” “Don’t worry about it Honey, its fine”, he said. Later when I looked at the check, I was not charged for the soup! Turns out that the impatient server was a generous person! I had eaten dozens of meals at that restaurant, but never was given free soup.You never know about people. You can have a negative first impression of someone, but if you look deeper you will see there positive traits. We all have positive and negative traits. In our rush, rush, society of instant coffee, fast food, and speed dating, we need to take time with people. Not to judge so quickly. We shouldn’t get turned off by someone just because we see a negative aspect, or two of there personality. They might actually have many terrific traits; we should take our time.