Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rochester, NY Real Estate Market is Stable

Thinking of moving to a place where the housing is stable, and comparatively low priced? Well, consider Rochester, New York.

"While the bottom has dropped out of the real estate market in many large metropolitan areas, property owners and realtor's say the housing market in Rochester remains stable."

"Arlene Eggleston of ReMax Plus said,”Rochester is really unlike the rest of the country. You don't have the highs and the lows that you see in big cities, so I would have to say the market is really quite stable here.”"

"The hallmark of the Rochester NY real estate market is a lot of house for the money. Compared with most other parts of the United States, Rochester houses have more charm and character for a fraction of the price! Based upon 2004 data, the median home sales price in the United States is $225,000, compared to the Rochester area's median home sales price of $115,000. The median house price in the city of Rochester is even more affordable. In addition, 77.5% of area homes are affordable to a family earning the median income, compared to 50% nationwide, demonstrating that in Rochester, your real estate dollar goes farther. (The Rochester area's median income is $58,800, slightly higher than the national median.)"

Rochester didn't make Forbes top ten list of "American's Recession-Proof Cities", however, our housing was mentioned favorable. Although we are entering into a difficult period of credit crunch, to date Rochester's housing has held up comparatively well.

If your thinking of moving here, check out this tool...

Yahoo! Real Estate (Rochester, NY)

Sources -

13 Wham: Rochester Real Estate Market Stable

Rochester City Living: Housing & Real Estate in Rochester

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Palin CBS Interview (Katie Couric) - YouTube video

If you didn't see Ms. Couric's interview with Gov. Palin your not the only one. A lot of people missed it including me. I don't think that it was advertised very well. The first time I heard about it was from a political reporter that said that she gave a "bad" interview. I've heard several similar comments since. After watching it on YouTube I think that it was a weak interview, worse then the ABC Gibson interview. But you can watch it, and judge for yourself. Hmm, maybe Sen. McCain should have asked Katie Couric to be his running mate. ;o) The second video includes an excerpt of an interview former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger had.

Don't forget to catch Thursday's vice presidential debate Sen. Joe Biden VS. Gov. Sarah Palin. It ought to be a good one folks!

Sarah Palin CBS Interviewed by Katie Couric Part 1 (8 min)

Palin / Couric interview Part 2 with Henry Kissinger (10 min)

Some News articles conserving this interview -

NY Times - A Question Reprised, but the Words Come None Too Easily

ABC News - Palin, Kissinger Split on Talks with Ahmadinejad

AP - Palin: US could face another Great Depression

Friday, September 26, 2008

Social Networking - Which community do you like?

MyBlogLog, del.icio.us, digg, Twitter, reddit, Technorati, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Brightkite. The list goes on, and on. Since I've been remodeling my blog, I am also giving networking a second look. Which ones are the most popular, or best when it comes to blog networking? Which is your favorite? My favorite is Twitter.

I've joined several communities that I'm listing here. I would love to be add as your friend, or part of your community.



Blogger Friends is to your left.



I just joined StumbleUpon because my blog buddy DeboHobo is crazy about it, so I thought I'd give it a try. On StumbleUpon when someone clicks on "awakeinrochester's blog", (bottom right), your suppose to be able to get my feed. It doesn't work. Can anyone suggest how to fix it?

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Clay Aiken - Father & Gay / Lindsay Lohan Lesbian

Well folks it just might be true. Two new Hollywood stars coming out.

"National Coming Out Day isn't until Oct. 11, but two of Hollywood's most-rumored stars — Clay Aiken and Lindsay Lohan — may be observing that rite of passage early today.

Internet reports beginning to circulate now feature a People magazine cover with an October date showing Aiken holding his newborn son, Parker Foster Aiken, underneath the headline "Yes, I'm gay: The 'Idol' star opens up about his emotional decision to come out."

"I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things," he's quoted as saying on the cover.

Representatives from People have not yet returned calls to the Sun-Times. A statement from the magazine, however, was posted at mtv.com, saying only: "We can confirm that Clay Aiken and his son are featured on the next issue of People...

In other closet-opening news, many online outlets are reporting that Lindsay Lohan has "confirmed" a lesbian relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

Lohan and Ronson rarely have been seen apart for several months, and they too have dodged direct questions about the nature of their relationship.

But Lohan called into the Los Angeles-based radio show "Loveline" last night to comment on the recent fatal plane crash that injured former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and DJ AM. Host Ted Stryker asked Lohan how long she and Lohan had been "going out."

"Like two years? One year? Five months, two months?" he asked.

Lohan chuckled, then said, "A long, a very long time."

Stryker ended the conversation by saying, "Well, I hope you stay together. You are a very lovely looking couple." Lohan thanked him.

Confirmation, it seems, is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder."

Read the whole article at the Chicago Sun-Times

31 Things

I've been tagged by LadyBanana to do the 31 Things Meme...

The Rules:
Answer the questions using only one word.

Then tag four others.

1. Where is your cell phone? Next to me
2. Your significant other? Position is open, I'm currently taking applications.
3. Your hair? Plenty
4. Your mother? Deceased (If you see her say, Hi)
5. Your father? Deceased (Ditto)
6. Your favorite thing? Home (Oh, give my a home where the Buffalo roam...)
7. Your dream last night? Stock Market (Oh, yes I did!)
8. Your favorite drink? Got Milk?
9. Your dream/goal? Many
10. The room you’re in? Kitchen
11. Your hobby? Blogging, composing music
12. Your fear? Tires might get slashed
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Very different life please.
14. What you’re not? Mean, cranky, nasty. That's right I haven't gone though the change yet!
15. Muffins? Blueberry & Cranberry with lots of butter.
16. One of your wish list items? Immediate - Money
17. Where you grew up? Rochester, NY
18. The last thing you did? Watch T.V.
19. What are you wearing? Summer nightgown ~slap~
20. Favorite gadget? Vibrator - no just want to see if your paying attention - Computer.
21. Your pets? None, not allowed.
22. Your computer? She's my good ol' gal.
23. Your mood? Pensive
24. Missing someone? Someone's missing.
25. Your car? 1
26. Something you’re not wearing? Snow boots
27. Favorite store? WalMart?
28. Like someone? In what way darling?
29. Your favorite color? Was red, now don't have one.
30. When is the last time you laughed? Tonight
31. Last time you cried? Watching Gray's Anatomy.

As usual I can't help but play with a Meme.

I'm tagging:

Dr. Deb (Come on Doc, let your hair down!)

Momma Mia, Mea Culpa

Spiritual Brush Strokes

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What religion do you fit in with? - Quiz

Am I a Buddhist? That's funny, I thought that I was a Christian. Well according to this fun, yet inaccurate quiz, I'm a Buddhist. Ok, if truth be told I do Japa Meditate, and am reading about Buddhism, but I also pray. lol I'm interested in seeing if anyone else got a surprise answer to this quiz.

You fit in with:

40% spiritual.
20% faith-oriented.

Your ideals mostly resemble those of the Buddhist faith. Spirituality is the most important thing in your life. You strive to live by all of your ideals, and live a very intellectually focused life.

Take This Quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Sunday, September 21, 2008

SNL's Tina Fey Kidnapped!

Breaking News: It has been confirmed, Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey has been kidnapped by Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin who was dressed scantily in a bikini is holding Fey hostage in Alaska. Palin was seen holding a hockey stick aimed at Fey's head. For some reason Fey was forced to take off her blouse, and play the accordion. Fey who was force feed moose burgers was told they came from "Bullwinkle the Moose." (Moose is missing.) When asked why she was only wearing a bikini in -20 degree weather, Palin refreshed her lipstick, struck a pose, and said that she could see Russia from her window, and that they could see her. Her husband Todd was seen snowmobiling in circles behind her.

Palin originally asked V.P. Dick Cheney to kidnap her then changed her mind saying that Fey's face was to pretty to get riddled with buckshot. Cheney has been hiding in Alaska ever since his popularity reached negative numbers.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Grey's Anatomy: Doctors Erica Hahn & Callie Torres Lesbian Kiss

They showed Grey's Anatomy season final again. My favorite scene was the kiss between Doctor Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith), and Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez.) I'm predictable, ha? I think Torres is hot! The You Tube video has clips of the lesbian, (or bisexual) storyline leading up to the kiss as well as the kiss, (actually kisses).

If this post looks familiar it's a partial repeat. I just had to show it again since they did. ;)

So what is your prediction concerning Torres, and Hahn? This storyline is juicy so more should come of it. Hahn seemed to be talking about Cristina Yang a lot, so maybe some complication with Yang. What do you think will happen?

"Grey's Anatomy - Lesbian Storyline" (3:46 minutes)

"Callie & Erica - I Kissed a Girl" (2:09) (Word free, brighter version)

My Blog Changes + Thanks

I want to talk to you about several items. -

First, my blog will have a new look...

You will notice several changes in my blog soon. I'm going to have more "toys" or wegits on my blog. I may have to change my template so I can neatly fit the wegits on my sidebar. I don't want my blog to look to messy, and it's already starting too. So it might have a new look soon.

Second, I will talk about a variety of subjects, not just politics...

I have had a lot of political posts lately. I feel that it is important for me to have a political voice here, but I also acknowledge that I have some blog readers from other countries who visit my blog often. I don't want to leave them out. Therefore, I will have more of a mixture of posts.

Third, I want to thank...

I want to thank those wonderful, faithful, readers from other countries for continuing to visit my blog, and for your recent comments, even though I have harped on U.S. politics. My thanks goes out to...

eastcoastlife (Singapore)

Lady Banana (London, UK)

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow (New Zealand)

I also want to thank several other people. We may not see eye to eye on political matters, but you have listened me to express my beliefs, (in some cases on your blog), and still remain welcoming to me. And my thanks also to some others who have expressed their political views even though they normally don't. I'm glad that you have felt comfortable enough to express your views on my blog. My policy concerning this blog is that I welcome a variety of opinions as long as you are kind, courteous, and respectful of one another. My thanks goes out to...

Against the Grain

Hahn at Home

Lilly's Life

Momma Mia, Mea Culpa


Spiritual Brush Strokes


I hope that I didn't leave anyone out. I hope you forgive me if I did.

Forth, your suggestions...

I'm busy these days and might not have a lot of time to blog. However, I was wondering if there is anything that you want me to write a post on? What would you like to hear? I can't guarantee that I will blog about it, but will consider it. I appreciate your input. ;o)

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Lennon - Give Peace a Chance - 1969 - Eric Clapton

John Lennon, and Yoko Ono signing "Give Peace a Chance" live in Toronto in 1969. Eric Clapton on the guitar. (3:24 minutes)

I don't know about you folks, but I need a peace break. With all the wars going on. Presidential candidates at each other. Plus some minor bumps in the road in my life. I just need to sing this song a few times, and meditate on peace. Want to join me for a moment? "All we are saying is give peace a chance."

Quiz - Who do you prefer? - McCain or Obama

I found this cute, fun, simple quiz by a non-partisan website. It was created by young voters to focus on the issues. It over oversimplifies sometimes, and in doing so can be a bit inaccurate, but it will give you a general idea. It's a good tool for comparing candidates. Have fun. ;o)

Click her for Quiz - votegopher.com

Related Posts: Politics - Just the facts ma'am?...What's the Truth?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

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Hillary said it best!

Some of my fellow democrats just can't understand how I can be enthusiastic about Sarah Palin, but still for Senator Obama. I've been trying to articulate it, but Hillary said it best....

"Hillary Clinton said in an interview this morning that it was possible to be enthusiastic about Sarah Palin's historic candidacy without supporting the Republican ticket.

"People are missing the boat here," Clinton said on ABC's Good Morning America. "I don’t think that it’s inconsistent for a lot people to say, ‘Well hey, that’s exciting, what an exciting pick,’ and still say, ‘But that’s not the ticket for me and my family.'"

BINGO! Thanks Hillary!

Source: Politico - Hillary says women can separate admiration and endorsement

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Rochester, NY - Ike Winds downs trees, knocks out power

tree down

By Rikki Van Camp
After a night of high winds and poor sleep, residents woke up this morning to find more yard work ahead. A willow limb came down in this Buffalo Street yard. In Palmyra, a 200-year-old tree fell on a house.

Did you hear the winds last night? At one point I thought that someone was trying to kick in my window air conditioner. When I checked no one was there, but tree branches were laying on the ground. Apparently one flew at my A/C. It scared the living day lights out of me.

Come to find out it was the remnants of Hurricane Ike. Yes, all the way in upstate New York! "wind speeds reached 60 miles an hour." "More than 63,100 people in the Rochester area this morning were without power after the remnants of Tropical Storm Ike whipped through the region early today"...Across the area, downed and sparking power lines, flaming transformers and trees blocking roadways caused headaches for residents and emergency crews alike...The county 911 center fielded well over 200 calls between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., an amount usually reserved for blizzards and ice storms, said Sheriff Phil Povero...In Monroe County, PittsfordMendon High School and Northwood Elementary School in Hilton were closed today as a result of the storm." At lest four other schools had two hour delays.

"A lot of people lost power overnight but the town of Palmyra lost a part of its history. A 200-year-old tree crashed into a farmhouse that once belonged to one of the town's founding residents." "Winds knocked down several large trees, including a historic 120-year-old, 150-foot-tall Northern Red Oak, at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua early today."

As for me I'm fine. My power never went out, but the T.V. reception went out now and then. I can't believe this was the remnants of Hurricane Ike. It's days like today that I'm glad that I live in Rochester. The worse that we get is an occasional Blizzard, or Ice Storm. Your power might go out, you might be stranded at home for several days, but normally your life and property are safe.

OF SPECIAL NOTE, several large trees and power lines are blocking parts of Scottsville Road and other nearby streets in Scottsville and Chili Center. There are also several reports of similar scenes in the Pittsford and Perinton and the Mendon, Fishers area. Also"RG&E workers are handing out bottled water and dry ice to any customers without power at 195 Muchroom Blvd., in Henrietta until 10 pm Monday night, and again from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Tuesday."

Folks please give to the Red Cross if you can. They are there to help during emergencies. Currently 55 volunteers from Rochester, N.Y. are in Tyler Texas helping out with hurricane efforts. Also 4,000 Red Cross volunteers are helping out nation wide. Red Cross funds are down due to recent hurricanes.

Rochester & Finger lakes donations phone 585-241-441 or Rochester Red Cross website

And national Red Cross website.

Main source & photo MPN now.com

You can
Democrat and Chronicle.com Winds knock out power to over 63,000
13wham: RG&E Hands Out Water, Dry Ice - 23,000 Still Without Power
High Winds for Ike Sweep Rochester Area
13wham: High Winds from Ike Sweep Rochester Area
13wham: Wind storm destroys part of Palmyra history

Results from Gov. Sarah Palin Blog Poll

I'm ending my blog poll early. Unfortunately some wiseguy from West Chester Ohio has TRIED to contaminate votes. I happened to be watching the polls, and noticed 10 votes within a few minutes. It happened just after I had announced on Twitter that there was less then a day left to vote. The same person voted in favor of Gov. Palin numerous times. Fortunately I took note of the votes just before he/she arrived. Let's hope that the same thing does not occur in the real election!

The Poll question was -"What do you think of Gov. Sarah Palin?"

The final official result are - Judges the envelope please....

Great! I agree with her ... ....................14 Votes
She's a women, she's got my vote... ......0 Votes
I'd drill her, but not vote for her. ...........0 Votes
I'm voting for Obama, he makes sense ..6 Votes
No way! No how! She's crazy! ..........16 Votes

14 votes for Gov. Palin and 22 votes against.

I want to thank you all for participating! Please vote in the real election. And remember if you don't vote, don't complain!

Written Later: I want to thank all of you who have written comments. I appreciate your kind words of support. I have been monitoring comments, and don't feel comfortable posting them. This is starting to snowball out of control quickly. I have had a good relationship with this individual in the past, and am surprised by his recent actions. I am now turning off the comment option to this post. I thank you once again for all your support and empathy.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did they just slash those car tires?

Next time I'm calling the police! ...

I've changed the facts a bit for my protection.

There has been considerable vandalism at my apartment complex for months now. Car tires are being slashed, 2 - 4 tires per car. A half dozen cars have been involved so far that I know of. I had a post about this before. The laundry room has been broken into, and money stolen from the machines. The managers at my complex asked the tenants to call the police if they witness any specious actives. In retrospect, I should have.

Last week I saw two teenage boys near a car in the parking lot. It was dusk, dark enough to turn on my car lights. One of them was bent down near a tire, while the other was standing right next to him. As I drove by, I took a look. I didn't get a good look at their faces. The thought of calling the police crossed my mine, but my cell phone was at home. Also what if they were the car owners just working on their car? I would have been embarrassed. When I got home from the store I took a good look, and noticed that three of the car tires were slashed. Did those teenagers just do that? Those tires weren't slashed yesterday.

In retrospect, I should have called the police. From now on I'm taking my cell phone with me wherever I go. It's inexpensive, and unfortunately doesn't have a camera, but at lest I can call the police. Let them check it out.

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VOTE NOW - "What do you think of Gov. Sarah Palin?"

My Google Blogger poll on Sarah Palin ends in less then 24 hours. Remember if you don't vote, don't complain. ;o)

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SNL: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin (Video)

On Saturday Night Live first skit - Tina Fey as Sarah Palin & Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton address the nation. It's a riot! It was the only great skit. Usually SNL Season Premiers are great, this one was disappointing. Senator Obama canceled because of hurricane Ike, also disappointing. This video priceless!

SNL - Palin / Hillary Open

I Miss My Toys!

I use to have toys here, blog Stats and traffic feeds. I really enjoyed them. It always amazed me that people from all over the world were dropping by to visit my little blog. I felt more connected to the world, and less lonely. Of course I appreciate your comments as well, even if we don't see eye to eye on politics and such. I'm glad for your visit, and feel privileged that you took the time to comment.

Several months ago I had difficulties with a certain person, and removed all my stats and traffic feeds. Things have been very peaceful ever since I jumped off of that persons emotional runaway train. Anyways, Blogger has come out with something new. I think it's a traffic feed, and I want to try it. I also want some of my other toys back.

So I made the decision to bring back some toys. If she visits and starts her games again, I will just put my toys away. No big deal. I just don't want to get on her emotional run away train again. Sorry, trains aren't allowed in my toy box!

P.S. - Comment moderation is on.

Photo credit.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin Jokes

Yeah, I'm trying to lighten up. ;o)

"Here's the amazing part: back in 1984, Sarah Palin actually came second in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant. Now she could be vice president. You know what that means? For the first time in history, a beauty pageant contestant might actually bring about world peace. They've talked about it for years; here's one that could do it!" --Jay Leno

"And the big guns are out. The Democrats have sent Hillary to Florida to go after Sarah Palin. So, that makes two Clintons trying to nail her now." --Jay Leno

"Today President Bush called Gov. Palin and congratulated her. Bush told Palin the job of vice president is very important because as vice president, you get to tell the president what to do." –Jay Leno

"But the greatest insult was yet to come. Republicans — those anti-woman, patriarchal Neanderthalian gun-clingers — nominated a woman whom Democrats would call a "Stepford wife," except she'd beat them to a bloody pulp with a moose antler."

"It's true, John McCain's running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, has revealed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. Palin said, 'We should never have introduced her to John Edwards.'" --Conan O'Brien

"Let me ask you a question: is it just me, or does Sarah Palin look like a model for LensCrafters?" --David Letterman

USA TODAY: Opinion Feminist template obliterated

The owner of this blog is a bipartisan offender.

Blog Award Time!

I have two blog awards to pass out.

The first is to my good blog buddy Lady Banana. She recently amazed me because she vacationed in Greece, and purposely left her computer at home! She's a dedicated blogger so I know that was difficult for her. I give her this "Vacationing Banana" Award!

I was given this very cute award from Lady Banana. Thanks LB!
If you don't see anything, or have trouble with the photo click here.


I'd like to pass this award on to the following ...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Barack Obama to Appear On SNL Tomorrow

Barack Obama will make an appearance on "Saturday Night Live." It will be the senators second appearance. The Seasons Premiere will be this Saturday Sept. 13. SNL will be hosted by Olympian Michael Phelps. Alum Tina Fey may play Gov. Palin.

This ought to be a good one folks. Usually the Seasons Premiere is especially good. I hope that Fey plays Palin, she is a shoe in. Obama who has been virtually pushed off the radar by Palin needs to make a come back. Will this be it?

The photo is of Obama's first appearance on SNL in November where he played himself in a Halloween Party skit.

This is Hilarious!

Waring: This YouTube video contains profanity, and it may contain other offensive material. It's only 3 minutes long.

Is McCain Palin's Bitch?

I was made aware of this video by my cyber friend May of about a nurse. If your politically minded it might be to your advantage to check out her blog. I was surprised by her recent post. May is unusually honest, and open. (Hint)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering the Attack On America

It's Sept. 11.

It's been 7 years since the attack. We have been very blessed that things have been so peaceful in the U.S. But the feeling has died. I mean about 7 years ago when I heard the song "God Bless America" I would stand to my feet, and sing the song/prayer with tears streaming down my face. For the most part that feeling is gone, but so has most of the fear.

I remember 7 years ago walking on the sidewalk at my home, hearing an airplane. I stopped dead in my tracks, and looked up. It was a small plane flying kind of low. I stared at it. Then I saw my neighbor, on the other side of the street. She had also stopped dead in her tracts, and was glaring at that same plane. I knew what she was thinking. I didn't need to ask. Will it attack us? Those intense feelings both positive, and negative are now gone. I guess that's part of the passage of time.

It's been 7 years. 7 in the Bible represents the number of completion. But we are not done. Still at war. Still not safe. I wish it was over with. Will things ever be like they were before the attack?

Palin Bashing

Well, Gov. Sarah Palin was picked as McCain's running mate. It seems that either people love her, or despise her.

I'm thrilled that a women has been chosen in this election, but I'm still voting for Obama. (I voted for Hillary in the primaries). I'm not crazy about Obama, and don't get this rock star thing that people see in him. I'm voting for him because of the issues. I think that he will get us out of Iraq quicker, reducing bloodshed, and will lead our country in a better direction then McCain.

It really bothers me that some people are bashing Palin. They are ridiculing, and belittling her. This is going to be a close race. Do they think that bashing her will help gain votes for Obama? Don't they realize they are hurting their party, and Obama's chances of winning by mud slinging? They could turn people off that are on the fence. They seem oblivious to that. These aren't stupid people. I'm talking about intelligent people who don't seem to understand. It's so frustrating!

Added Later - Some people say terrible things against Gov. Palin then say "I'm just joking", it's just "humor". Rapper Eminem use to say terrible things about homosexuals and women, then say "I'm just joking". Some lyrics from "If I Get Locked up Tonight" by Eminem - "...I set a f**king girl on fire with a curling iron. Psych I'm just joking, for Christ sake, don't get so bent out of shape. Cause I went out and raped six girl friends..." Just because you say it's a joke, or humor doesn't make it all right.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

THE Woman Speaks & Speaks & Speaks!

For those who were under the impression that Gov. Sarah Palin was to scared, timid, or air headed to speak...well think again! Palin is no Barbie Doll! Charles Gibson of ABC will conduct THREE separate interviews with the Republican vice presidential candidate.

The 3 interviews will form the basis of a special prime-time edition of "20/20" Friday.

Gibson's interviews with Palin will be spread around other ABC news programs.

"World News" Thursday, (& Friday?) will have excerpts of the talks.

"Nightline" and "Good Morning America." also.

"The prime-time special, at 10 p.m. EDT, will also include a bio of Palin by ABC's Kate Snow and a round-table discussion on the presidential race moderated by George Stephanopoulos.

The Alaska Republican has proven to be a ratings-grabber during her short time on the national political scene. Her speech to the GOP national convention last week was seen by more than 40 million people, according to Nielsen Media Research.

A Fox News Channel documentary, "Governor Palin: An American Woman" last Saturday was the highest-rated prime-time documentary in the network's history, with 2.7 million viewers."

CNN is also planning a Palin special this weekend.

"The first interview with the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin went to People Magazine, which on (Aug 29) published its interview just hours after the surprise announcement was made."

I know that's a lot of information, and T.V. programing to get straight. That is why I highlighted it. Today I went out, and bought a new VHS tape for my combo VCR/DVD. Now comes the task of programing it. Shot! I should have picked up a People Magazine while I was at the store. Hm, I wounder if people will now start complaining that she's giving to many interviews?

Added Later - She is also on Entertainment Tonight Thursday & Friday.

Associated Press: ABC plans prime-time Palin special

ABC News: People Magazine Snags McCain/Palin First Interview

Photo Credit

Wordless Wednesday

Sarah Palin action figures!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lovely Sarah (The Barracuda) Palin + 1st Interview

Oh my God, check out this YouTube video! (about 4 minutes) tee hee

By the way. This in from A.P. news - "Charles Gibson's producer says no issue is off the table for Sarah Palin's first TV interview as a vice presidential candidate, which ABC is hoping it can air in part on Thursday. Gibson will travel to Alaska and will probably speak to Palin at least twice" I heard on ABC T.V. that it might also be on Friday's news, and more on Nightline. Oh, this should to be good! I'll be recording it.

Also from A.P. - "McCain leads Obama in 2 polls, race even in 3 more."

Enjoy the Video! ;o)

Relax folks! I'm still voting for Sen. Obama. However, that doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the heck out of another women making political history, and putting more cracks in that glass ceiling. Since half of our population are women I believe that half of our doctors, lawyers, CEO's, and politicians should be women. I just hope that this particular woman doesn't break the glass ceiling. I'm an issues person, and agree more with Obama. I have to admit that I'm also excited that we have a real race now.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Politics - Just the facts ma'am! ...What's the Truth?

In my recent post titled "Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden - What's the Truth?" I talked about propaganda, spin, half truths, exaggerations, and sometimes outright lies in Politics. In a time of political speeches and debates, how do we judge what the truth is? In particular, I felt confused about senator McCain's V.P. pick Sarah Palin. Since she is relatively unknown the media has wiped themselves in a frenzy trying to be the first to get information out about her, and in doing so sometimes become careless in fact checking. Originally I gave you one tool to use fact checks which has a reputation of being very reliable. Since then I have found several others. Hopefully these tools will help us to see the facts.

Here is a list of my favorite fact checking tools. Some of these websites list other fact checking sites. If you have a favorite fact checker website please feel free to leave a comment about it.

Fact Check


The Fact Checker - The Washington Post


On The Issues I don't think this site qualifies as a fact checker, but it provides "non-partisan information for voters in the Presidential election."

Photo credit

Sarah Palin: Gun -Toting Bikini Babe?

Feel free to guard my cement pond anytime you want!

Is this really Gov. Palin?

Photo credit

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Delete Post

Deleted Post - Photo was unstable. Similar post to come.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden - What's the Truth?

I've been reading a few blogs recently that are noticeably slanted in their opinions concerning candidate/s during this election. They are full of propaganda that they have heard, accepted, and are just passing on. Remember that in elections and in war there is propaganda, spin, half truths, exaggerations, sometimes outright lies. Yes in BOTH parties, as well as BOTH sides of a war.

So during conventions, and political coverage with all the speeches, remember that even your guy (or gal) will probably say things that are propaganda. Also we are hearing some bashing by the media of the new V.P. pick Sarah Palin. Some of which is slanted, and some even sounds gender prejudice. So before you get on the bandwagon remember to do your homework, check the facts at FactCheck.org. Fact Check is a "nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics."

I want to stress that before entering into war a government uses propaganda trying to get the people on their side. It is more difficult for a government to wage war if the people aren't with them. "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." — General Herman Goering, President of German Reichstag and Nazi Party, Commander of Luftwaffe during World War II, April 18, 1946."

Of course propaganda can be used during a war by both sides. This is a WWII propaganda poster made by the allies to warn U.S. workers. "Allied propaganda typically portrayed the Japa­nese as nearsighted, bucktoothed caricatures or as monkeys, alternating between a subject of ridicule and an object of fear."

I found a good website that has a section about war time propaganda and the Media, it's call Global Issues.

So folks remember that propaganda abounds during election time and war time. Propaganda will be on both sides and it is upon our shoulders to discern correctly.

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