Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ah, Who am I voting for?

Frankly, I'm confused. I'm usually more decisive then this, but I don't know who to vote for. For me, it's a choice between Hillary, and Obama. At first I wanted Hillary, then Obama, now.. I just don't know. Is anyone else as confused as me?

I like Hillary. The more I see her the more I like her personally. I also think that she does a very good job, she is presidential, intelligent, wins debates, more experienced. I think that overall she has done a better job, and is more qualified then Obama. I like the thought of a women President, and love the thought of Bill imparting pears of wisdom to her.


Hillary voted for the war, and never really changed her mind. Oh, she softened her stance, but never denounced her vote. As a very peaceful person I have a huge problem with that. There were no WMD's. Yet, I feel that she would have voted for the war even if she had known. It's not just Iraq, but if she becomes Pres she will have to deal with other counties like Iran, and N. Korea . For that reason I'm thinking of voting for Obama.

I'm an issues person, and might have to do more research. Just confused tonight. Who to vote for?