Monday, January 7, 2008

Bazarr Death In Rochester, New York- Part 2

This is a follow up to yesterdays posting. I thought that the story sounded fishy. Here is an update...

Sister says Deputy's Horse Trampled Woman who Fell at Mall

Sean Carroll (Livonia, N.Y.) -- The sister of the woman who died after falling at Marketplace Mall on Saturday said she was trampled by a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy's horse and the family is considering legal action.

Pamela Banker said her sister--Susan Banker, 51, of Lima--fell after trying to pet a mounted deputy's patrol horse outside of the mall where she was shopping with her family.

"She was standing on the sidewalk; she reached out to pet the horse, and the horse moved away. That caused her to reach out farther, and she lost her balance and fell underneath the horse,. Pamela Banker said.

Banker said the horse was startled and the deputy tried to bring it under control.

.It appeared that he was trying to get the horse away from and he dismounted after the horse was away from her and off her," she said.

But in the commotion, Pamela said, her sister was helpless.

"The horse started like dancing around and stepping all over her,. she said. "It happened so quickly...It stepped on her several times, on her chest and her stomach area."

Susan Banker was rushed to Strong Memorial Hospital where she later died. Pamela Banker said instead of allowing the family to go to the hospital immediately, authorities questioned them several times about what happened.

The sheriff's office says there were no obvious signs that Susan Banker had been trampled. However, Banker said, her parents now plan to speak to an attorney about possible legal action against the sheriff's office.

The results of a weekend autopsy are expected to be released Monday.