Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer's Return

Pass the sun block and iced tea please! Summer has snuck back into Rochester. The next several days will be in the mid 70's (24c) to mid 80's (29c). Ah, it's so nice! Then it's back to comfortable, moderate temperatures. It's such a delightful time of year.

I'm looking forward to the wide array of beautifully colored leafs this Autumn. I might take a stroll through Highland Park, and perhaps a picnic. It should be spectacular!

For local folks, remember that the Naples Grape Festival is this weekend. Try one of Linda's yummy grape pies (roadside stand). I won't be going because I lost a nice chunk of weight, and it would be too tempting. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sofia Vergara of Modern Family

Beautiful Sofia Vergara of Modern Family makes me long for a Latin lover. ;)

She is from Colombia, has brains (studied to be a dentist), and was Hilarius on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. click here for video.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Personal Update & Random Thoughts

Cinnamon sprinkles in coffee smells and tastes wonderful!

I'm doing well and feeling good. I'm eating healthy, and have lost a nice chunk of weight. I haven't had an episode of depression in about 8 months. This is a miracle considering that I'm out of work and have ongoing medical testing. I thank God that the depression has abated. I believe that It has something to do with healthy eating. Mmm veggies! My counselor is surprised that I'm doing so well. However, I don't think I'm out of the words yet. I’m working with my counselor to take small steps toward mental wellness. Physical tests are scheduled for the next few months. Your prayers and good thoughts are greatly appreciated. I hope they don't find any disease.


I have a wonderful family. Sometimes I think that my aunt is an angel. She’s very caring and knows just what to say.


I’ll be glad when Gray’s Anatomy returns on Sept. 23rd. It’s one of the few good T.V. shows on non cable T.V. It’s cathartic because I often cry as I relate to Meredith Gray.


Televangelists seem stuck in the 50’s or 80’s at best. Their teaching techniques, songs, and sermons, are stuck in the past. They basically have two teaching styles, they preach from the pulpit, or a few people sit and chat. They could learn a lot from Dr. Wayne Dyer who uses a mixture of lecture, multi-media, modern songs, short stories, and short testimonies form guests, all with a modern flavor. Why can’t they recognize that they are losing the younger generation and upgrade?

Does it bother anyone else that God killed so many people and so often in the Old Testament? I hate killing. Little wonder that I consider myself a New Testament gal.

This Rochester summer is beautiful if you like it hot. We have had lots of weather in the 80’s. We only had a handful of days in the early 90s. We have hard winters, but the other seasons are lovely! Temperatures are moderating nicely now, and I’m looking forward to a colorful, beautiful, refreshing, autumn.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Siesta

I saw a spot on my living room rug. I thought it might be a patch of dirt, or a leaf. However, I was suspicious since I had vacuumed the day before.

It was a hot day and my A/C was hitting the spot nicely. I decided to investigate.

I approached the spot slowly. It did look a bit odd. My foot was right next to it when I decided to give it a little kick.

To my surprise the spot quickly grew many legs as it made a mad dash towards the couch. It ran head first into the couch leg. Stunned, it recoiled a few inches, and then scooted underneath the couch.

Apparently it was a small centipede taking a siesta, enjoying the cool breeze of the A/C. Now it had a concussion and was being pursued.

I didn't have any insecticide so arming myself with a can of air freshener, and a broom. I tried to flush the critter out. No luck.

A few days later I found him in my bathtub taking another cool siesta. Good thing I looked before I hopped in! Well, that was the end of the siesta enjoying centipede.

Moral of the story - Be careful where you take your siesta. The coolest place many not be the safest. And always look in the tub before you enter or you may be bathing with an uninvited guest.

Do you have any critter stories?