Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good new in Rochester, NY!

Many good things have been happening here in Rochester, N.Y. I will start with the most recent, and go backwards.

1) Gov. Spitzer promises that Rochester will get a big chunk of money for revitalization.

Governor Spitzer's State of Upstate address was given on Wednesday in Buffalo, NY. In his address he elaborated on how he wants to spend the $1 billion Upstate Revitalization Fund he proposed last week.

Rochester would get a big chunk of the money:

* $65 million for the demolition of Midtown Plaza
* $50 million for a new building at the University of Rochester to house the Clinical and Translational Science Institute
* $2 million in grants for developers who are transforming aging downtown Rochester buildings into loft apartments and condominiums
* More state police patrols in urban areas as part of Operation Impact
* More direct aid to distressed upstate cities, including Rochester

You can read more at... 13 WHAM
Here is the full text of the Governor's speech... The Albany Project

2) Three of the areas hospitals plan to expand. The U of R, RGH, and Unity Health.

U of R .... The University of Rochester plans on having a new building constructed, where it will house research for clinical and translational science. Therefore, more great scientists, and great researchers, and great students will come to the U of R. It's a science that will develop treatments, care and cures for common illnesses. With that comes business. The Clinical and Translational Science Building is expected to bring 600 jobs to Rochester, along with another 800 in construction. Governor Spitzer promise $50 million in state funds, on top of $40 million from the feds.

You can read more at... 13 WHAM

RGH... Rochester General Hospital gave details of plans to expand. It would add 70 beds to the hospital in a new six-story addition that would be built where the main entrance is now located. The existing inpatient facility would be modernized to double the number of private rooms.

Rochester General's proposal differs from those at Strong Memorial and Unity Health, and what it could mean for people seeking treatment. RGH's proposal is the smallest of the three hospitals’ expansion plans.

You can read more at... 13 WHAM

Unity .... State Approves Unity's plan for homelike nursing facility

Unity Health System officials are set to build the area's first cottage-style skilled nursing home when the state approves. Part One of its $144 million expansion plan.

Unity officials announced Tuesday that they've received approval to replace the 35-year-old Park Ridge Living Center, located on the hospital's third floor. By next year, residents in the facility will be moved into four freestanding duplexes, each with 20 private rooms and baths, family-style dining areas and a courtyard. Construction of the $23 million duplexes behind the old center should begin this summer.

You can read more at... Unity Health

3) Bravo to Mayor Duffy, (former police chief), for activating "Zero Tolerance" against crime in Rochester.

In October 2007 Mayor Robert Duffy cracked down on crime by activating "Zero Tolerance". Since Zero Tolerance started October 5, only five people were murdered in Rochester, (as of Jan 1st). The total number of homicides were reduced slightly in 2007. Recently Duffy received funding to continue Zero Tolerance until March.

You can read more at.... MSNBC
And.... WHAM 1180


tom sheepandgoats said...

How long have you lived in Rochester? Do you remember Midtown Plaza from its early days? Like you, I blogged about its being razed, and then went online to see who else had done the same.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Tom,

It's good to see a fellow Rochesterian.

I have a vague memory of Midtown. I was taken there during Christmas. We did some shopping. I think that I sat on Santa's lap there. The old man had a white beard if I recall. ;o)

What are your memories of Midtown?