Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Seattle WA is well prepared

Concerning emergency preparedness like in flu epidemics, I've learned that Seattle Washington is "one of the best prepared cities in the nation." Bravo Seattle!

Um, does anyone have information on Rochester's level of emergency preparation? You see, our local state governments are in charge of flu related preparation and decisions. So far I'm not thrilled with what I'm seeing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday Funnies - Letterman's Top Ten (Somali Pirate's)

David Letterman's Top Ten Thoughts Going Through the Somali Pirate's Mind While in New York City

10. This city is more dangerous than downtown Mogadishu.
9. It's like my own episode of "Gossip Girl."
8. Maybe Madonna will adopt me.
7. If I don't get a corned beef on rye soon, I'm gonna plotz!
6. How can I meet Zac Efron?
5. Go Niners!
4. Any chance of getting "Jersey Boys" tickets?
3. This would be a pretty sweet trip if it weren't for the handcuffs and jail.
2. Why the hell are these people lining up to see Letterman?
1. You charge $40 for parking, and I'm the pirate? political humor

Please Pray for Mike Gloch's in laws

Oops, I'm behind in posting this so I'll ask you to click on the link below. Please pray and/or send good thoughts & vibes.

Prayer Needed For Mike Gloch's in laws

Thank you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This post had been deleted

This post had been deleted.

Two years to find a treatment for you

Imagine that you have an illness. You go to your doctor for help and....

Your Dr. says, - "We think we can help you, but it will take two years to find the proper treatment."

You ask - "Two Years!? WHY"?

He replies, - "We have to find the right medication and therapy combination. People react differently. You will just have to be patient. It'll take time. You will have to try various drugs and various therapies until we hit on something effective. But we think we can find something that will work ...eventually."

What would you think? How would you feel? How would you react?

I just saw the program Second Opinion. (TV show with real doctors discussing real illnesses.) It was about depression. They said that treatment often works, but it is not unusual for it to take two years. Doctors have to find the right meds & treatment combo, and that is individual. It takes time.

The other day I read that 60% of people who commit suicide are in therapy. Now I understand. Sometimes people who are clinically depressed can be suicidal, and to not be helped, even when in therapy, must be further depressing to them. Can you imagine being told that you have an illness, and yet you can't get an effective treatment for two years? Heck, that's depressing it itself!

I've had trouble with depression and anxiety. I'm not crazy about therapy in the first place, and this is not good news. I'm not saying that I have thoughts of suicide. I am not saying that. But things aren't good. The depression is slowly getting worse. And what I heard today is bad news. Imagine that you were ill and your doctor said that he MIGHT be able to help you in TWO years. How the hell would you feel? I feel a bit pissed off right now.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Rochester NY News & Lilac Festival Schedule 2009

Lilac Festival Information 2009 -
The festival is Rochester's largest and brings in almost a half a million people each year, including tourists who travel to the area. The park has "over 500 varieties of lilacs and more than 1200 lilac bushes in the parks' 155 acres". It will take place on May 8 to 17 at Highland Park. "Musical acts will include Rickie Lee Jones, Joan Osborne, Dr. John & the Lower 911, Southside Johnny & the AsburyJukes and Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy. The festival and concerts are free." Mark Quinn, superintendent of horticulture for Monroe County says that the Lilacs are "in excellent condition."

I had a wonderful time last year (click here), and even pigged out on wine & food samplings! I particularly liked the free chicken and veggies at "Cooks Pan." and will look for them again. I hope to get a camera and take photos this year. Rochester has hard winters, but makes up for it with a ton of fun festivals! Rochester's nickname is the Flower City. Find out more Here is a list of more Rochester festivals, concerts, etc. and here at

Gay Marriage in New York State? - Cross your fingers folks! Today Gov. David Patterson introduced a bill to legalize same sex marriage in New York state. The bill was defeated when the Republicans had control, but now with the Democrats there is a fighting change. I know that my pal Pat Martinez and her partner Lisa Golden have been working hard for this. Read more here.

Time Warner, tisk, tisk! - Time Warner Cable Inc. of Rochester NY is acting greedy. It wants to use
metered billing for Internet usage, (similar to gas and electric), where those who use more bandwidth pay more. In this economy? BAD IDEA! There has been a public uproar. Many home businesses work from the Web. Rochester also has a large deaf community who uses video phone as a main avenue of communication. Politicians Rep. Eric Massa and Sen. Chuck Schumer demanded that Time Warner abandon its plan. Time Warner seemed to have backed down, but not really. It is more like a postponement in hope that the community will get use to the idea and accept it. Hm, I think that I'll stick to my slow dial-up for now. It's much less expensive.

Bad News For Buffalo NY, Rochester, and more. - I was shocked when I read it! According to the local news Rochester is doing better then most other cities, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Forbes has a list of "U.S. Cities Where It's Hardest To Get By" They listed 20 on-line and, Buffalo was #5, Rochester was #15. They also have a list of "America's Most Livable Cities".It includes several cities in Mass. and Pa. among others. Hm, should I pack my bags?

Star Trek Movie - I'm a bit of a Trekkie so I had to sneak this in. The movie named "Star Trek" opens May 8. It's "a chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members". Here's the movie trailer. Oops, it opens the same day as the Lilac Festival, but I can work that out. I hope this leads to a new series! About time! YAHOO! By the way, Leonard Nimoy who plays Mr. Spock (and is also in the movie) is said to live in my area. He is my favorite Star Trek character of all time. In case he's reading this...I'm no skinny Minnie! ; )

photo credit

Friday Funnies - Out On A Rope....

Eleven people were hanging on a rope, under a helicopter.
10 men
1 woman.
The rope was not strong enough to carry them all,
so they decided that one had to leave,
because otherwise they were all going to fall.
They weren't able to choose that person,
until the woman gave a very touching speech.
She said that she would voluntarily let go of the rope,
as a
she was used to giving up everything
for her husband and kids
or for
in general,
and was used to always making sacrifices
with little in return.
As soon as she finished her speech,
all 10 men started

Another funny from the blog of Liquid illuzion 10.11.2008
wish we could talk

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Spectacular Canandaigua Lake

It's difficult to post only a few pictures of this gorgeous lake. It has so many faces, and such life on it. Wow! She's even beautiful in winter!

Photo credit here and here and here.

It's Meme Time! (easy one)

1. What are your current obsessions?
Reading about suicide.
2. Which items from your closet are you wearing most often?
Night gowns. Since I live alone I can wear them often, and save on the laundry bill. ;)
3. Last thing you bought?
A bus ticket.
4. What's for dinner?
Hot dog & beans.
5. Say something to the person who tagged you;
I wasn't tagged, but stoled this from you. I've seen you around and thought I'd pop in. Nice blog -My Recovery!
6. Favorite vacation spot?
Canandaigua! I'm in love with the lake & beautiful mountains in the background.
7. When was the last time you told your Mom you love her?
My moms been dead for decades, so it's been awhile. lol
8. 3 things to do before you die;
Besides write a suicide note? ha ha (Hm, time to see a shrink?)
9. Reading right now;
I don't read much since I've been blogging, except for what's on the net.
10. What's the last movie you saw and enjoyed, rate out of 5 stars.
Wow! I don't remember. I haven't seen a movie in a long time.
11. Guilty pleasure;
12. Name the last blog you visited and left a comment on before this one? ( link and info please)
The Wishful Writer- Hi Heather & April! :)
13. What is your favorite sound?
Rolling of waves on a lake/river.

Rules & invitation to participate-

1 Respond and rework
2 answer question on your own blog
3 replace one question and add one question
4. tag eight bloggers

Since I don't feel like following rules, I'll just say feel free to join me in this Meme.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funnies - Gay Marriage Jokes

"Recently, the highest court in South Africa handed down a decision ordering the country s parliament to extend marriage rights to all gay couples. So just to reiterate, American is now less progressive than South Africa." --Jon Stewart

"Congratulations gay people -- you are about to discover the joys of alimony." --Craig Ferguson, on a California judge's ruling legalizing gay marriage

"A Senate committee on Thursday approved a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, apparently forgetting that our forefathers wore wigs and satin Capri pants." --Tina Fey

"Big vote in the Senate yesterday. They voted down the gay marriage ban. ... It was a very close vote. 43 voted 'yea.' 44 voted 'nay.' And 3 voted 'fabulous.'" --David Letterman

"President Bush said he was 'troubled' by gay people getting married in San Francisco. He said on important issues like this the people should make the decision, not judges. Unless of course we're choosing a president, then he prefers judges." --Jay Leno

"The Massachusetts court decision to allow gay marriages this week may prove to be a divisive issue in the upcoming presidential election. President Bush is likely torn because he has to protect what he sees as a sacred institution and yet he knows gay marriage would boost the economy because you know those gay guys would go all out. We're talking about designer wedding cakes, $20,000 sleeveless tuxedos, giant naked man ice sculptures that pee mojitos. They'd hire Pattie La Belle as the band, give out African parrots as party favors. It'd be ridiculous. Remember, whatever your political beliefs, a vote to allow gay marriage is a vote for a fabulous economy." --Tina Fey

Source - Political Humor - Gay Marriage Jokes

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2 More States Pass Gay Marriage!

It's been a good week for the gay community as two more states pass laws to allow same-sex marriage, doubling the number.

The surprise came about a week ago when Iowa, a state in the heartland, changed its law. "The supreme court declared unconstitutional a law denying marriage for same-sex couples. New York-based advocacy group Lambda Legal filed the Iowa lawsuit."

"It's very important for people across the country,' says Lambda's Kevin Cathcart, "to realize this is not something that only happens on the East Coast or the West Coast, but that actually gay people actually have and deserve equal rights across the country."

Vermont just became the fourth state to allow same-sex marriage when its legislature overturned a veto by its governor.

Iowa and Vermont join, Massachusetts and Connecticut, to allow same-sex marriage in it's legislature.

"New Hampshire and New Jersey permit civil unions. California, Oregon and Washington allow domestic partnerships, which extend many of the benefits of marriage."

A recent CBS News poll found that 33% of Americans support same-sex marriage, an increase of 22% back in 2004. 41% of those under 45 support it while those over 65 show less support.

You may wonder if same sex marriage will ever be recognized by all 50 states?

"Even if public opinion keeps moving in the direction, it's sort of slowing-moving," says Joe Matthews of the New America Foundation. "It's not something that's going to happen in a couple of years. It's gonna take 10 years or 20 years before you see broad recognition of same-sex marriage."

"The day when the whole country embraces same-sex marriage may indeed be may be a long way off, David observes: Twenty-nine states have voted for a constitutional ban. And Californians recently voted to eliminate same sex marriages, though that vote is being contested in the courts."

New York states Gov. David Paterson recently said he plans to re-introduce legislation to make same-sex marriages legal in N.Y. YAHOO!

Paterson has been an outspoken supporter of marriage equality for same-sex couples. However, the Legislature bill would have to pass both houses. In 2007 former Gov. Spitzer's marriage bill stalled in the Senate. Now with the Senate in Democratic hands, gay-rights groups are more optimistic of the bill's passage this year.

Sources - CBS NEWS: Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Inevitable? Gov. Paterson to re-introduce same-sex marriage bill

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Article on Suicide

I read a good article on suicide that I want to share with you. I'll summarize it, but I encourage you to read all of it.

Keep in mind that suicide rates rise during recessions, and depressions. As you know, the world is in the worst economic period since the great depression. Back then the suicide rates increased, and we will see that happen again. Financial hardships like the loss of a job, and/or house can cause depression. Depression is a major cause of suicides. Economic hardship not only happens to the poor and elderly, but can happen to anyone. I know someone in his 50's who had a master degree and a good job. He made about $75,000 a year. He recently lost his job, and can't find another. Fortunately he has a good supportive wife who is employed, but it is still difficult for him. To my knowledge he is not suicidal, but he very easily could be. So keep an eye on your loved ones.

This article summery is from today's addition of The New York Times -

Suicide and Suicidal Behavior

Suicide is the act of deliberately taking one's own life. Suicidal behavior is any deliberate action with potentially life-threatening consequences, such as taking a drug overdose or deliberately crashing a car.


Suicidal behaviors can accompany many emotional disturbances, including depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. More than 90% of all suicides are related to a mood disorder or other psychiatric illness.

Suicidal behaviors often occur in response to a situation that the person views as overwhelming, such as social isolation, death of a loved one, emotional trauma, serious physical illness, aging, unemployment or financial problems, guilty feelings, or dependence on alcohol or other drug.

In the U.S., suicide accounts for about 1% of all deaths each year. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death for 15- to 19-year-olds, after accidents and homicide.

Many suicides involve a firearm. This is especially true in elderly men, in which 80% of suicides are performed with a gun.

Relatives of people who seriously attempt or complete suicide often blame themselves or become extremely angry, seeing the attempt or act as selfish. However, when people are suicidal, they often mistakenly believe that they are doing their friends and relatives a favor by taking themselves out of the world. These irrational beliefs often drive their behavior.


Early signs:
  • Depression
  • Statements or expressions of guilt feelings
  • Tension or anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Impulsiveness

Critical signs:

  • Sudden change in behavior, especially calmness after a period of anxiety
  • Giving away belongings, attempts to "get one's affairs in order"
  • Direct or indirect threats to commit suicide
  • Direct attempts to commit suicide

Emergency measures may be necessary after a person has attempted suicide like first aid, and CPR.

Hospitalization is often needed to treat the recent actions and to prevent future attempts. Psychiatric intervention is one of the most important aspects of treatment.

Outlook (Prognosis)

Suicide attempts and threats should always be taken seriously. About one-third of people who attempt suicide will repeat the attempt within 1 year, and about 10% of those who threaten or attempt suicide eventually do kill themselves.

Mental health care should be sought immediately. Dismissing the person's behavior as attention-seeking can have devastating consequences.

When to Contact a Medical Professional

A person who threatens or attempts suicide MUST be evaluated immediately by a mental health professional. NEVER IGNORE A SUICIDE THREAT OR ATTEMPT!


Many people who attempt suicide talk about it before making the attempt. Sometimes, simply talking to a sympathetic, nonjudgmental listener is enough to prevent the person from attempting suicide. For this reason suicide prevention centers have telephone "hotline" services. Again, do not ignore a suicide threat or attempted suicide.

As with any other type of emergency, it is best to immediately call the local emergency number (such as 911). Do not leave the person alone even after phone contact with an appropriate professional has been made.

Click here to read more of this article

By the way, I read that most suicides take place in spring.

U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Other reading -

Army Data Show Raise in Number of Suicides

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Wordless Wednesday - April Fool's

The Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time.