Sunday, January 20, 2008

McCain- GOP Presidential Nominee?

When I hear it announced that Senator McCain won the South Carolina Republican primary, I found myself shouting for joy. I'm still going to vote for Hillary, (Obama was last week), but I was glad for McCain. I also realized that for the last 28 years, the winner of the South Carolina Primary has been the GOP presidential nominee. McCain deserves it!

I believe McCain is a good, honorable, honest, man. He is known for being his own man, a maverick, and bipartisan. He is a war hero. He was imprisoned by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam war. He stayed about 2 years longer then he had to because he refused to leave his men. His arms are still damaged due to the torture that he suffered in prison. That's why he has limited range of motion in them.

After my initial outburst of joy, I though, Oh, no! This guy could win! I like the man, but not his politics. I believe that the Bush administration has made such a mess of things, that we need a democrat in the White House to swing the pendulum back towards the middle. McCain's stand on the war in Iraq is similar to President Bush's. If he becomes president, God only knows how long that war will last, and if he will lead us into war with Iran. Like I said, I like the man, not his politics.

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