Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blogging and Opposing Points of View

I have noticed when I read blogs, that people don't seem to voice a point of view that differs from the blog owners. I can understand this. After all when we write a comment, we are hoping that the blog owner will like us, blogroll us, and comment on our blog. However, I have seen some very controversial posts that are extremely one sided.

Personally when I write a post on - Same-Sex Marriage, and ECT Electroconvulsive Therapy, I expect to hear an opposing point of view. After all these are highly controversial topics. So please feel free to voice your opinion, in a kind, caring, and respectful manner. I want to hear what you truly think. It won't offend me if we don't see eye to eye. Of course I am not looking for rude, or sassy, comments either.

One good example of a comment that has an opposing view is found in "Therapy and Me." It's the first comment. Thank you anonymous commentor for saying what you truly think in a nice way!

By the way, you can voice your opinion now by voting on same-sex marriage. The poll is to your left. It is free, and confidential. ;o)

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