Saturday, February 9, 2008

10 Tips On How To Prevent The Flu

Its flu season again. As a C.N.A I work with nurses, and have received some advice from them. Some of these suggestions are from the nurses.

1) Wash your hands often. (This is always stressed in the health care field).

2) If you work with people who have the flu. When you get home wash your clothes, take a shower, and wash your hair. Germs can get on your clothes, hair, and skin.

3) Don't touch your hands to your face, use your knuckle if you have to. Your hands can easily carry germs. Touch them to your eyes, mouth, nose, and you could transfer the germs.

4) Eat garlic and onions. Both work similarly to antibiotics.

5) Get some ZZZ's. Make sure to get lots of sleep.

6) See your doctor as soon as you have flu symptoms. Doctors can give your medication that may lessen the severity, and duration of the flu.

7) Eat properly. Eat foods that are good for you, like fruits and veggies. Try to stay away from junk foods, highly prepossessed foods, high sugar, and salt.

8) Drink 8 cups of water. Water flushes the body of impurities.

9) Be careful of door and faucet handles. They are handled by numerous people, and are a breading ground of germs. Touch them, and consider your hands to be full of germs. In the restroom, you can use a paper towel to turn off a faucet, and to open the door after you wash our hands.

10) Telephones are also loaded with germs. Not only are they touched often, but people who have the flu can cough, or sneeze into them. Use your cell phone if you can. If not, take a minute to clean a public phone with a disinfectant if you can.

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Tropical Gale Winds said...

Hi Lynie,
I read your comment on my bog! Tropical Gale Winds. Yes it is beautiful down here in Marathon and there is much more to see than I've written about. The area has a lot to offer if you ever get a chance to vacation here. I will be updating today. Yes we are into our third year of living on our boat and it's great. Talk to you soon, Gail

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Gail, So nice of you to visit. 3 years boating. Wow! I would love to hear more about it, and will be visiting your blog very soon. Your not missing much here in Rochester, just ice, and snow, and many odd storms. It it spring yet?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these.. I sure am trying to stay away from sick people!! Take care.. : )

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Caroldee
I don't blame you. So many people seem to be coughing, and such. I hope that you stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

I should have read your post beforehand ... now I'm paying for it, lol. Love the tips though!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

Sorry you are ill. The last link on this post may be of benefit to you. It is loaded with all kinds of links concerning the flu, including tips on what to do if you get it. Hope you feel better soon.