Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rochester Weather Alert: Dicey Night

Rochester, New York will get hit by the storm that caused tornadoes in the southeast. I heard this on the local news, but I can't find a good article on it online. They should have one in the updates as the storm progresses.

Rochester has enjoyed some warmer weather with rain in the last few days, which has melted most of the snow, and caused flooding. There is a flood warning in the area until 6:00 P.M. Thursday. Everything has been saturated with water, and today it all froze. We had a mixture of sleet, freezing rain, and rain today leaving up to one fourth inch of ice.

Tonight's forecast- Tonight: " Freezing rain and sleet causing slick travel will be followed by snow which will accumulate 1 to 3 inches near and south of the Thruway and 3-5 inches north of the Thruway. Low 27" This will leave up to one third inch more of ice topped with the snow.

On T.V., Kevin Williams Director of Meteorology said, that it is just short of an ice storm, but if we get bit more freezing rain, and sleet then expected, it could be a significant Storm. As it is the roads will be glazed over, and very slick. They expect that some of Rochester will lose electrical power.

Give yourself plenty of time in the morning for travel, and also watch your step. It was on the news that a local man is wearing spiked boots, and using a spiked walking stick to get around because it's sold ice in his area, sidewalks, and all!

WHEC 10: Weather Forecast

D & C Newspaper: Roads icy tonight, so beware

WHAM 13: Travel Advisory for Genesee, Livingston Counties

UPDATE- I just listened to the 11:00 weather report on the news. Looks like we will not have a major event. However, as mentioned before, the roads and sidewalks will be very slippery. The storm is still in progress. Traffic accident reports are coming in, indicating that most accidents are on expressway 390. Several hundred homes have lost power already. Please use caution when traveling!


Anonymous said...

I like that pic! It is cute, and it goes well with the story.

Awake In Rochester said...

Thanks! That's how Rochester looked. Another darn storm is coming on Tuesday. It will be more of the same. If this keeps up, I will build an ark, and get snow skis.