Friday, February 22, 2008

(UPDATED) Monroe County to appeal same-sex ruling

I knew that the republicans wouldn't leave this alone. I should have made a bet with someone. It was a sure thing.

The Democrat & Chronicle article in its entirety....

(February 22, 2008) — Monroe County will file a motion seeking to appeal the recent ruling of the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court that same-sex marriages performed in other states or nations must be recognized in New York State.

County Executive Maggie Brooks today announced the decision to file a motion to appeal the decision in the case of Patricia Martinez, a Monroe Community College employee seeking medical benefits for her partner, Lisa Anne Golden.

Martinez, a Chili resident, filed the suit in 2005. The Appellate Division ruled 5-0 in Martinez’s favor on Feb. 1.

The couple was married in 2004 in Ontario, Canada, where same-sex marriages are legally recognized.

“This is a clear case of misinterpretation of the law,” Brooks said in a news release. “We must appeal this decision in order to protect Monroe County taxpayers. We can not simply extend benefits to unmarried couples and we certainly can not ignore the definition of marriage that currently exists under State law.”
(Ms. Brooks is a republican.) Ms. Brooks, this ruling was 5-0 in Martinez’s favor. Five to zero! I question your motives. This could be a profitable decision, because we might attract more Canadian same-sex couples, who will spend their money in Rochester as tourists, or even move here. I don't think it's about money, not at all.

Added Feb. 24th-
More in depth - Brooks to appeal same-sex marriage decision

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Anonymous said...

I never really understood why the concept of same sex marriage is looked upon as pure evil, lol. Everyone makes it seem like they're committing a crime.

The way I see it is, if there interracial marriages why not same sex marriages? Religion and government should be separated, feels like they're intertwined these days.

Scott said...

Hey, I answered your question about blogging on my site. Be sure to check it out! And I put you on my blogroll (which means that your Technorati popularity will go up by one in a few days), but I see you already got me. Thanks!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

That's a good point about "religion and government should be separated". I hear that often on the political talk shows on T.V., but don't see it applied. Ms. Brooks is smart in the way that she is opposing this appeal. She claims it's about money. However, as someone mentioned on the news last night, it would cost more money to appeal this, then to go along with it.

If you have time, please vote on my poll concerning gay marriage.

I'm glad your getting over the flu, and starting to feel better.

Awake In Rochester said...


Great to see you at my blog!

Wow, your quick! I just left that comment last night. I did read your answer. Thanks! I hope to have the "tag" posted today.

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Love it!

Ah, Technorati popularity is a mystery to me. So thats one way it increases. Cool!

I'm taking a poll on gay marriage, and would appreciate your impute, if you have time. It's free, and confidential. ;o)

JC said...

What is the difference between legal gay marriage vs. legal same sex partnership? Does it hold emotional importance for gays and lesbians?

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi jc,

You have a very good question. There are many differences. I will let the experts explain. These two links are from

Sarah said...

Wasn't it actually President Clinton who signed the Marriage Protection Act in 1996? And also the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy? If you want to say that a US President is discriminating against gays, what about Bill Clinton?

It bugs me that it's always the Republicans who are evil.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for your comment.

I'm not formilor with the Marriage Protection Act in 1996.

Yes, Pres. Clinton signed the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Policy, which was a step in the right direction. Before that time those who were gay in the military could be ASKED concerning their sexuality. If they admitted to being gay, they could have been discharged. Such was the case of Colonel Margarette Cammermeyer, the highest-ranking officer to challenge the Military antigay policy. She received a Bronze Star for her duty in the Vietnam war. She wrote about her struggle in her book "Serving in Silence." The book was made into a movie of the same name, staring Glenn Close and Judy Davis. I have not read the book yet, but highly recommend the movie.

Historically it's mostly the Republicans who take a stand against gays. President Bush, and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee both want a constitutional amendment that "defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. ", thus banning gay marriage. (see Huckabee's website)

I certainly don't view republicans as being "evil". Some of my closest relatives are republicans. However, I do realize that the greatest opposition to gay rights, (or equal rights), come from republicans.