Saturday, February 9, 2008

5 Sites To Put $50 In Your Pocket - Fast

I saw this on the Today Show. They say that the sites are "legitimate resources worth taking advantage of." The following information is an outline from the Today Show article. The link is at the bottom of this post, specific websites are listed there.

1) The coupon sites alone can save you $50 a month, or more.
There are several sites listed. At one site coupons can be kept in your cell phone, so no paper is needed.

2) Cash in old cell phones and iPods, you can make another $50
On T.V. she said that the average old cell phone is worth $25.

3) Cash in gift cards.
This is great if you need cash on hand. She cashed in her $75 Sears card, and received $48.75.

4) Save at the pump. You could save $48 a month.
Use mapquest new gas finder feature to save money.

5) Cheap seats guaranteed. You could save another $50.
If you get a airline ticket, and the price drops you can find out the information on this website, and save money.

Read the article, and get website information at Today Show.


Anonymous said...

I liked coupon recommendations. I found many that I can use.

Awake In Rochester said...

Good, I'm glad that they were of use to you. I have not tried them yet, but several sites looked good to me.