Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rochester, NY - News Update

Rochester homicide rate doubles- 2 teens killed about the same time.

Two teens were fatally shot Tuesday evening in northeast Rochester, doubling the homicide rate this year. They were 14, and 15 years old. The teens' bodies were found on different streets (Wilkins St and Friederich Pk.), about a block apart. Both teens were in a known drug location when shot. They were killed at approximately the same time. Both shot in the upper body. Both died at Strong Hospital.
Influenza outbreak in Monroe County many turn out to be a harsh year.

This month has seen the highest number of flu cases in Monroe County so far this season, and local experts warn that the worst may not be over. "I don't think we've seen the peak yet," said Dr. John Treanor, a University of Rochester. "We went from a very mild year to a year, when all is said and done, (that) may turn out to be a harsh year." But while officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that this year's flu shot might protect against only 40 percent of this year's strains, Treanor insist that it's no time to dismiss the vaccination.

Besides getting vaccinated, washing hands, disinfecting commonly used surfaces like desktops and telephones, eating healthy foods and getting enough rest and exercise can help protect against the flu.
More Fires?

It seems like we have had a large number of fires in the areas in the last several weeks. Some have resulted in deaths. Please check the batteries in your fire alarm, and have a plan, check with National Fire Protection Association.

Latest fire story... Dryer in basement starts fire in Greece
Local Biggest Loser shares her story of weight loss.

Amy Zimmer was a contestant on NBC's "The Biggest Loser." She lost nearly 130 pounds and gained a new lease on life. "I was at 297 pounds." "We had trainers to encourage us but it was your own game,” Amy said. “You've got to get out of it what you put in to each day. We were working out four to five hours a day. We were responsible for all our food.”

Amy didn't win on the show, but she lost 126 pounds. Her huge achievement has landed her a job at the Rochester Athletic Club for women. Amy's new vision stands in the lobby of each RAC in town as an example of what can happen. She is now helping other women with their dreams of weight loss.
Girl gangs in Rochester

This story is by ex girl gang member Shadea. I didn't even realize that we had girl gangs here. This was an eye opener... Read Shadea's story.
Weather could mar view of lunar eclipse.

Wednesday night is the last chance to see a total lunar eclipse for nearly three years, if the weather cooperates... 10 WHEC Weather forecast.


Anonymous said...

HI.. thanks for stopping by my blog...In answer to your comment.. I have heard from several people that putting that antibiotic cream there is not such a good idea. washing out the sinuses with warm salt water would probably do. Scared to pieces of getting that bad stuff. Saturday will be 4 days just maybe we got lucky and we dont need to go back until way past SPRING. I sure hope this bug does not last long. Mom is on her own diet. no salt no sugar no no high carbs and low fat. she measures everything too. It all is working fine for her. She is pretty immobile being in a wheelchair so she just cut back on everything and it seems to have worked fine. She is really overweight so losing that much is just fine for her. Hope you have a great weekend...

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Caroldee,

Yes, they have saline solution over the counter. I use it if I have a bad cold, and can't breath. If it's been 4 days, sounds like you did get lucky. Sounds like your mother is on a sensible diet. But it would drive me crazy to measure everything. It's great if it works for her. I'm sorry to hear that she is in a w/c. Hope the weight loss helps her mobility. It's always good to see you, and I wish you a wonderful weekend too.