Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Post Ideas - Keep on Blogging!

We all hit the blog wall from time to time. The following are some post ideas. Some are just my thoughts, others research, some are your ideas. I had a post recently asking for your ideas, and if you responded to that post in any way, then your link is here.... Thank you for contributing!

You don't need to write a great amount. It's suggested that the average post be the size of an e-mail 1 to 3 paragraphs long. You can still post a few times a week even with a busy schedule. Here are some ideas...

There are some easy to do posts (memes?) that are for specific days. Most involve just a photo, with maybe a few sentences. This is not an exhaustive list. See websites for instructions. (It seems like a good way to network too.)

Wordless Wednesday

Fridays Funnies - (Link?)

Mellow Yellow Mondays.

Music Monday

Meet My Friends Monday

Camera Critters

Through My Eyes Fridays

Wordless Chicken Tuesday


Some other ideas. The easiest are (*) stared. relatively easy (especially if it's taken from on-line) will have a (+) plus sign.

+A Poem - Yours, or someone else.

+A Song/video - Yours, or someone else.

+Comedy - A joke, funny story, video, or photo.

*Guest Speaker (ah, blogger) - Ask someone else to write a post for you.

A Contest - Give away money, or a gift - good examples - Beetle's Memories "n" Ramblings and Acrostic Only

*Post a famous quoit- You can say a few words about it if you want.

Personal Update - What's going on in your life? Tell us about you.

*Short Posts - good example - Banana Shorts

Topical Post or Nitch - Whatever interests you crafts, hobbies, sports, movies/book reviews, Star Trek, technology, politics, etc.

Write a Review - On a movie, restaurant, T.V. show, etc.

Interview Someone - This can be done by e-mail, or you can put it on audio or video.

+Ask a Question- Post a question, or take a survey.

Diary - Be very careful if you make it public. What you write will be on the net forever.

*Re-post - Copy a post from the past and post it again.

+Quiz - You can use an on-line quiz, or make up a few questions yourself.

Make a List - Example - 100 best albums by women, or a top 10 list.

Your dog/cat - Writing about your animal/s now & then.

Meme - Pass it along.

Award - Pass it along.

+Personal photos & family update photos.

Technology - The latest gadget.

Weird, or Unusual News.

Politics - Careful you don't start WW3 ;)

Recession Related Tips - How to stretch the dollar, save money, indoor games, gardening, knitting clothes, reduce consumption.

Letters - to your son/daughter

Informative, or how to posts

Here are your ideas taken from the comments on my post- "Your Input Needed! - Blogging (Post) Ideas" Thank you for commenting!

Mike Golch and Babs (Beetle) both liked a Mixed bag - silly stuff & Comedy along with serious and informative items.

Amias said she could use more humor to laugh at.

dmarks said to look at Tara's Eclectic Spaghetti for some good ideas.

Jaffer said that Drowsey Monkey has a collection.

Lilly's Life said that she has lots of ideas.

twofinches said, "I like what one blogger I go to does. He asks the same interesting question to individuals with a wide variety of thought streams. They send him their answers and he formats them into a single post."

LadyBanana When she really gets stuck turns to Plinky

The Daily Blonde says the "best writing is just from the heart...or the gut... REAL LIFE is best...and funny...yes, we all need funny."

Ghost Dansing uses satellites

S'onnie says "just taking a walk and looking out the windows are a good source of idea. Plus reading the news and giving your two cents worth over a story is always good :) "

74WIXYgrad trys to have a "little bit of everything, I just try to stay away from political issues there." He says that he uses original or old jokes, and likes to write poetry.

Speedcat Hollydale had a list of ideas...

1. write a short story
2. to a news piece with your own personal spin
3. meme
4. Ask someone to send you questions
5. Do a photo themed post. You can find 10 billion images on the net.
6. write on a topic you know a LOT about
7. Re-live an old memory from the past
8. do a humor piece ... things you find funny from the week
9. Do a review of a movie, show, or blog
10. Just start typing. Many times I have no idea what will come out, but just start typing!!
Hmmm, ok, I know that physiology is your thing. I found a web-page that might give you some topical ideas.

Both dcr and meleahrebeccah said that they are both out of ideas and looking.

L'uragano (The Hurricane) and Giggle Pixie like the suggestions that they got from others in the comment section.

Here is a list of more ideas - Wondering What To Blog About?

The idea for this post is a response to Health Psych's post - "Hitting a blog wall." She's back! Her blog has reopened. Please visit her and say Hi.

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Your Input Needed! - Blogging (Post) Ideas

Some of this information has been taken from -
Starting a Blog? 12 ideas for blog posts
What To Blog About During A Recession
How to Choose What to Blog About
And YOU! Thanks for your suggestions!


kimber p said...

what an absolute goldmine!!! Thanks for taking your time to do this, I know I need a nudge every once in awhile :)

Mike Golch said...

Great list,thanks for the mention.I hope that you are having a great weekend,Hugs my friend,Mike G.said that.(it's an A.A.thing)

74WIXYgrad said...

Thank you for the link. And also thank you for encouraging the success of WIXY's Gone Bananas. I just now put up Post #900!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

You ROCK AIR !!! Super post and great links. I think everyone has sat in front of the monitor at one time or another and found "nothing" to write. For me, the writing is the easy part .... "topic" is the elusive ingrediant.

With as many blogs as I have, you need some help. I have a giant wheel o bloggy on my wall, kind of like the one on "Wheel of Fortune" with Pat Sajack.

SPIN SPIN !!!!!!!!!! (I will buy a vowel and 2 posts Vanna White)

Even as she gets olded, I think Vanna is hot. No one can turn a letter like Vanna. I used to want to live by Vanna and Pat. They could come over for a chicken cookout. "Hey Pat Sajack, you want more cornbread??" The family is looking well. Of course Vanna White's husband would NOT like me always trying to kiss his wife.

SPEEDCAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

.... ohhh, sorry

"Want more chicken??" ((((smile))))

The last few days havwe been really busy for me, so I need to comment on 120 blogs and write 10 posts today. Lucky for me, the next two hours are free !

Lonesome in Hollydale,
Seattle Speedcat

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Ohhhh JOY!!!!!!!!!!

Un-moderated :-)

Happy day

Giggle Pixie said...

I will definitely be using some of these ideas. Thanks for giving us all some "food for thought"!!

LadyBanana said...

Great post Awake, lot's of very useful ideas in there.

Trouble is, recently I have had lot's of blogging ideas and not enough time to do them. Then when I get time the ideas dry up... weird eh!

Amias said...

A good post! You worked hard on this one Awake, and it shows. I am going to do some humor soon, as I need to relax a little!

Awake In Rochester said...

Thanks for your comments. I am mega busy for a day, or two. This post took forever, but I will post a link to it on the sidebar. I'm going to use it myself. lol

Does anyone know the link for Fridays Funnies?

Health Psych has reopened her blog. She has been remodeling. This post was started as a comment to her post. I hope that you will go over, and leave a comment. It's hard when you reopen a blog. She might have lost some followers.

Speedy don't get use to it being un-moderated. lol I get SPAM now and then, and will soon moderate again. Viagra (SPAM) is something that I do not need. lol

Health Psych said...

Wow! So many great ideas.....I may never have an excuse NOT to blog again! :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Health Psych,

That's the whole idea! I want to keep my blog buddies on line. There's no excuse now. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

My favorite kind of posts are the ones that involve Personal Update - What's going on in your life? Tell us about you.


dmarks said...

"Of course Vanna White's husband would NOT like me always trying to kiss his wife."

Maybe if you knew how to show a girl a good time first. Like buy her some vowels.

Beetle said...

Lots of great ideas there and thanks for the link :O)