Monday, March 23, 2009

Rochester, NY Winter Summery 2009 & No Kodak Bonuses

I'm a bit lazy today. I'm putting 2 posts in one. Both are short and Rochester, New York related.

Rochester, NY Winter Summery 2009 - Yes, I know that we might still get snow, but I'm summarizing it now, and crossing my fingers. The snowfall accumulation to date was 101.7" - not a record, but it's more then our average of 89.6". December was the snowiest month of the season, bringing 46.2 inches. We didn't have a blizzard. I don't believe that we had any major storms. We had several moderate ones. We rarely had those terrible mixed precipitation combo snow/ice storms that I dislike so much. We just got a good amount of steady snow throughout the season. Well, that's not such a bad winter for Rochester. See current weather and forecast here.

No Kodak Bonuses! - I'm getting so sick of hearing economic news, but this is a major change for our area, and has made national news. The Eastman Kodak Co. has been one of Rochester's largest employers for many decades. The company has suspended its bonus, and it means a loss of millions of dollars to Rochester.

Stores use to plan sales around Kodak bonus times. New cars, appliances, furniture, big ticket items. The only other time there wasn't a bonus was in 1934 during the great depression. Click here for local news and comments on the subject.

I remember when having a Kodak, or Xerox job met that you had it made for life - good money, benefits, and job security. Sadly, those days are gone.


Campbell Jane said...

That's so sad. It's scary rough right now. At least they still have a job though!
Many Blessings

Tammy said...

It's really bad now a days isn't it. Even just getting the necessities are sometimes hard to do. :o(

dmarks said...

I've had a few xerox machines, but only one made by Xerox.

What is Kodak known for now? Photo paper?

twofinches said...

I'm afraid dmarks is onto something. Kodak mismanaged the move toward digital photography and lost its footing. I have friends who work there and every month they wonder if they are going to be sent home. It makes me very grateful that my husband has a career that isn't really very economy driven.

Anonymous said...

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