Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Ramblings #3

A Little Break - I didn't intend to, but I guess I needed a break from blogging & twitter. I've focused on other things like Yahoo Answers, and trying to think of what I can do besides CNA work. I'm going to start visiting blogs again soon. I just wish I knew what other type of work I could do lately. I've been feeling a bit blue. I need a change.

King Of Twitter -
Congratulations to my buddy Dan from dcr Blogs dot Com for having over 20,000 followers on Twitter! See for yourself by clicking here. I'm sure that he would love it if you followed him. Dan is an intelligent, creative man. He always comes up with good information or something witty, but Dan also enjoys having fun. When it comes to business most of his experience is in communications. I would call him a computer geek. ;) I'm not sure if Dan's current goal is to make $300k or higher, but if anyone can make that much it's Dan! Qapla'! I honestly think that he has what it takes. Besides he has an Army of Stamps to help him.

Digital TV
- I don't have mine yet. My neighbor showed me hers. She had purchased a special rabbit ears, antenna, but she was still losing the signal. It faded in and out. Have you had trouble with your DTV?

McDonald's "Filet-o-Fish" commercial -Have you seen that silly commercial with a catchy tune? Well it's song by Spencerport native Joey Auch, Spencerport is a village near Rochester, NY. Also his song "Come on Home" appeared in the March 18 episode of the ABC sitcom Scrubs. Hey, nice song. Way to go Joey! Now...if I can only get that silly fish tune out of my head!


Nulaanne said...

I don't have a tv so I can't say. I can say that I love not having a tv. I have more time to do other things.

dcr said...

Thanks for the links and the vote of confidence!

As for the digital TV, has your neighbor tried resetting the channels? My parents have a digital convertor box, and they had problems getting some channels and were just going to disconnect it. But, I had it reset the channels, and now it works a lot better. I also did some fiddling with the antenna first too.

I think that what might happen is that, when originally set up, some of the stations weren't at full power on their digital signals, so the box didn't have a good fix, and, when they went to full power, the box was still using the offset-signal or whatever. Then, resetting it forced it to clear that out and pick up the newer, full power signal. That's my theory anyway.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I heard that DCR bought all the tweet followers .... ha haaaaa !!!

Honestly he is on cool cat.

I have the box for D TV. It works as good as your antenna - just like regular TV. Difference is it comes in perfect or not at all. I rarely watch TV so blah blah blah ... it's OK. My fav is to watch a DVD now and again. The Aviator was good I thought, H hughes was brilliant and crazy. Just like the people on Twitter!

Twitter is fun in doeses and fun with the right people I think. My favorite part of twitter is the way it goes directly top my blog ... as well as twitpics from the road. Sort of like live show and tell.

BIG HUGS from SpeedyCat. You will find what you are looking for dear. Things seem to just poip out of nowhere when you have faith.

ps .... thanks for the Triple Basketball Neck Cat in Yorkshire

ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

yypo typo typoe

he heeee

Mike Golch said...

thanks I just got that darn commercial out of my head and you go and put it back in,Oh well stuff happens.

LadyBanana said...

Good to see you back on the blog!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Nulaanne,

You don't have a TV? You must be very disciplined or something. I'm sure that you get a lot more done too, but I'm a bit hooked. lol

I have a nice set in my living room, and a second hand B&W small RCA in my bedroom. I can't convert it with a DTV box. I will miss that old set. It reminds me of the good old days. ;)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dcr (Twitter King),

My neighbor did tell me that she doesn't know how to reset her TV, however her son that often visits probably does. I'm sure that he will help her out, especially since he has to watch it now & then. ;)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Speedykins,

I never saw the Aviator. I remember Howard Hughes. What a trip he was in later life.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Mike Golch,

Filet-o-Fish, Filet-o-Fish, Filet-o-Fish. Ha ha!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi LadyBanana,

Thanks dear! ;) I'm still not in the mood to visit many, but better do so soon. I don't want to be disowned.

twofinches said...

Oh Awake
I am so glad to see you back...your random post sounds like you are getting out from under the dark cloud.

One great thing for me about not being a TV watcher (other than the fact that I have a few hours more in my day to read and write and research )is that I am blissfully unaware of that fish song! But I may go hunt for it on youtube just to see what you are talking about :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi twofinches,

I'm not really better, but I can't show it here. I'm slowly sinking deeper into depression.

If I had my car back on the road I'd feel better, but for now I'm stuck at home unable to go out and apply for jobs in person, or even to see a movie to escape for awhile. So I'm stuck here to think about all my problems. It's had a negative effect on me.

That Filet-o-Fish commercial is silly. The "Come on Home" song is nice. He has a good voice. We may be hearing more of Joey Auch in the future.

Michelle Gartner said...

Dan is the King of Twitter? When did that happen... I thought Ashton Kutcher was the King of twitter.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Michelle Gartner,

Ashton Kutcher? Nah! Dan the man is Twitter King! Long live the Twitter King!!!

dmarks said...

That Fillet of Fish thing is very catchy.

meleah rebeccah said...

that damn fish song has been driving me CRAZY for weeks

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dmarks,


Awake In Rochester said...

LOL at meleah rebeccah. I know what you mean. I'm hearing it on the news as well because a local made it big. At first it was interesting, then catchy, now I want to shoot that fish out of the water, (so to speak).