Sunday, March 8, 2009

Random Ramblings #1

I'm going to start something new called Random Ramblings. Well it's not really new. I've noticed some people giving brief updates by saying a few sentences about many different topics, whatever is on their minds. People call it by different names. I'm going to call mine Random Ramblings. Here we go...
I hear thunder last night. It was a sound I've not heard in a long, long time. A smile came to my face as I opened the window to hear the rain pouring, and thunder. Ahhh, spring is around the corner! For me it means that some of my blue feelings may dissipate. But it will be cold again in a few days. Winter is not over yet.
Don't forget to set your clocks forward! Spring ahead.
Now that I have car problems it is very difficult to get around. The transportation (bus) system sucks! I spent a good amount of time mapping out my route. Then I called to double checked with the bus company. It looked good! However, when I looked for the bus I was told by a bus driver that it no longer went that route. The bus driver was extremely nice. He flagged down another bus that could take me to my destination. If you live in Rochester NY, you should really have a car. I might write a post on the transportation system.
When you think of Sunday what comes to mind? Church? Lazy afternoons? Wonderful Sunday dinners? Well, I think of political shows. I like Meet The Press, and This Week. Yes, I know I should go to church, but no car, no church. Actually I haven't gone to church since my Church moved it's location to downtown. I hate downtown. I've heard that the police gives out tickets if you park in the wrong spot, and that's easy to do at this location. I know I should have found another church by now, but I haven't. So if anyone asks, I'm spending the morning with George Stephanopoulos.


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

dmarks said...

No church? There can sometimes be some interesting sermons on radio. These are the ones that local churchs might air on local radio stations. I am not recognizing going to TBN/etc channels and listening to pink-haired clowns on Sunday morning.

Anonymous said...

I love thunder..especially hen it makes my plastic dishes shake..:)

Mike Golch said...

thunder is not bad,but the lighting that comes with it I can do with out.
on a person note,I made some changes on my blog to spped up the downloading.Let me know if it words for you.Mike G.said that(it's an A.A.thing)

Giggle Pixie said...

I loved your ramblings! And I love the sound of thunder and thunderstorms in general. There's just something about them. And then afterwards, there's such a fresh smell in the air and everything is clean and new. Yay for spring coming!

Michelle Gartner said...

Can I just say- I am not doing good with the time change thing. I am feeling really worn out today. Gerorge Stephanopolus is cute.

That seems kind of shady getting a ticket while being in church... I guess the government needs $$$ but it don't seem right. I thought most downtowns have pretty liberal free parking on the weekends or at least Sunday.

Greeneyezz said...

I like the idea of this.

Random Ramblings.

Often times I have thoughts, observations, and other random stuff that I just never have the time to weave into a post.

I like how thatt's done. did rain and Thunder & Lightening last night as well, though I only heard the music. :)


meleah rebeccah said...

I am psyched for Sping too. And I love a good hard rain/thunderstorm.

But I cant stand public transportation. I refuse to take it!

Awake In Rochester said...

Thankful Paul,


pink-haired clowns??? LOL!

A good time to make shake N' bake.
Mike Golch,

Thanks, that's considerate of you!
Giggle Pixie,

I can't wait for spring either!
Michelle Gartner,

About the police ticketing the church, it could be prejudiced. The church is known for being very accepting of gays. One of the paster/missionary is a lesbian.

Glad you like it!

Yes, I see that you danced the night away! Should I make some coffee?
meleah rebeccah,

Ah Meleah, Yes, coffee IS in order.

Without a car I need to take public transportation from time to time.

74WIXYgrad said...

Most of my blog is ramblings. Sometimes in order to get in one direction, you have to move in several. There have been times I have just poured my heart out on my keyboard and it ended up being several different posts.

Debo Hobo said...

Since living out here in Texas I have noticed that Thunder storms are louder in New England than they are here. I suppose that is due to the hills and mountains and the thunderous sound echoing off of them. But I have to say they are scarier here because of the Tornadic activity that usually accompanies thunderstorms here.

Great post:)

LadyBanana said...

I wonder why the transport is so bad there. Is it because most ppl have cars?

Here in London it's very good now. Can get just about anywhere from where I live, apart from Rochester NY! lol

Speedcat Hollydale said...

@ Sunday thoughts ... I work more on weekends than I do during the week, and often forget what day it is. Weekends are meaningless - so different from when I was younger when I lived for Friday!!!

Awake In Rochester said...


I've had some personal posts that focus on one or two issues, but I usually don't ramble. I like this new formate for me. I've had a few people express a desire for more personal posts, and I think this fits the bill.
Debo Hobo

Glad you like the post! One good thing about Rochester is that we usually don't get dangerous weather. The most we get is a blizzard, or ice storm, but nothing that is really considered deadly.

Yes, it may be because of disuse. More people are using it since the crash, and they are now talking about expanding it. But they have been saying that for years. Seeing is believing.
Speedcat Hollydale,

I had to work weekends too, but I still tried to catch my political shows or at lest tape them.

Tricia said...

I found your blog through WW today. It caught my eye because I grew up in Rochester. Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same, the bus system sucked when I was a kid too.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Awake In Rochester said...

Welcome Tricia!

WW today? It doesn't ring a bell.(?)

Ah, the Rochester connection, cool!

Yes, I will probably write a post on the bus system. I can't wait until I get my car back on the road!