Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Summer In Rochester New York (NY)

My favorite season is spring. Those wonderful crisp days. Sweater weather. Flowers gently budding. That fresh aroma in the air. The temperature should be in the 50's. Well, it looks like we will bypass all that. Our high today was 86 degrees. The high for the next 7 days will generally be in the low to mid 70s with very little rain.

Am I disappointed? A bit, but I am so very glad that we are finally over with all those crazy snow storms. It was a hard winter. I have just put away my snow shovels. I am looking forward to the wonderful Rochester festivals! I just love them! Starting with the popular, beautiful Lilac Festival May 9-18. Take a look at the upcoming festivals & events for Rochester & Upstate N.Y. Of course it wouldn't be summer unless I visited Canandaigua NY, and the breathtaking Canandaigua Lake.


S'onnie said...

lucky you. I love summer and unfortunately for me if it is summer for you it is winter for me and we are definitly getting cold weather here.

Last night it was so cold that i had two hot water bottles and two duvets and a wooly blanket on my bed as well as wearing thick woolen rugby socks on my feet.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi S'onnie,

Sorry to hear that it's so cold in New Zealand. My goodness, hot water bottles and all. I don't think that it was so cold here during winter, but we did have many storms. Well, keep warm thoughts in mind.

LadyBanana said...

Wow!! Fantastic weather.. here in London it was a little sunny for a while and warmer than it has been recently - I hope it's the start of change. Although it's pouring as I type this!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi LadyBanana,

Well, it sounds like a decent beginning. At least your getting rain, not snow. Rochester is know for it's unpredictable weather. But I hope that the snow is gone till next winter.

Debo Hobo said...

Spring is my most favorite time of year as well. Particularly in the North East. I grew up in CT so I miss the pretty spring flowers like lilacs and crocus oh and the daffodils and violets.

And the sun showers in the middle of the day-April Showers bring more May flowers :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Debo Hobo,

Yes, it can be beautiful here in summer. I'm looking forward to it.