Friday, April 25, 2008

I Won Two Awards! I Am Sharing Them With...

I want to thank Lady Banana for presenting me two awards this week! Lady Banana is the TOP Banana in my book! If you are not acquainted with her, please visit and tell her that Awake In Rochester sent you. These are the first awards that I have ever been given, and I want to share them.

Concerning the beautiful Rose Award, (to your left).

"Red rose has number of thorns in it
when it pint your finger it hurts
Everyday in my life is just like red roses.
Sometimes life is not always bed of roses.
But life is great with God."

Now, it's my turn to share this red rose.
I am awarding it to the NEW people on my Blogroll!
It's a special welcome.
Readers, please visit and welcome them!

The Rose Award goes to....

As The Pump Turns

Health Psych

Momma Mia, Mea Culpa

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow


I also received this most Excellent award from the lovely, and cheeky Lady Banana. (award to your right). I am passing it along to all those Excellent people on my blogroll.

Important Announcements...

1) I have a new RSS feed. I have had problems with the old feed, so please get my new one.

2) If I'm not on your blogroll list, I would be honored to be on it.

3) Sign up for twitter, and you can add me. It's a great way to stay in touch!

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S'onnie said...

Wow.. I have never been given an aware before... gives me a nice warm glow :)


I was recently tagged for a meme and get to tag some others so I tagged you. Please pop over to my blog to have a look :)

S'onnie said...

darn.. its late here... at least that is my excuse for the poor spelling. Please replace the word aware with Award!!

Anonymous said...

WOW from me too!! THANKS for thinking of me. I aprreciate it mucho!! Always happy to see new readers.. HUGS TO YOU!! : )

meleah rebeccah said...

well CONGRATS to you darling! Good for you!

and aww....thank you for this. That is sooo sweet of you.


Debo Hobo said...

Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for sharing! :)

eastcoastlife said...

Congrats on your awards! And thanks for giving me an award. :)

Anonymous said...

Well thanks so much!! I very much appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Congrat's on your award and achievement!! Thanks for the award, you made my day, :) *hug*

may said...

i'm speechless :)

thank you for this award.

Deb said...

Thank you, my friend. And congratulations on your awards!

Kuanyin said...

Wow! Mahalo for the award! Sorry it's taken me so long to collect it. I returned from my long journey, and I'm still playing catch-up!

Awake In Rochester said...

Your welcome everyone. I hope you enjoy!