Sunday, March 30, 2008

Twitter and People on My Blogroll

Have you heard about Twitter? It's a cool way to stay connected though short messages. A way to network, and publicize your blog, or anything else. I found out that FatDoctor accidentally erased her blog through Twitter. It only takes a moment to join. I have a new Twitter Wedget on my blog, you can join, and follow me on Twitter that way. Or you can just click here. But be careful it's almost as addictive as Blogging! I thought that I would Twitter about the wonderful people that are on my blogroll list, and spread some link love too.

The two most frequent, and faithful at commenting are Moments Of Randomness, and Sheep and Goats. (by Tom sheepandgoats). Thanks guys! Against the Grain, written by a lesbian who won an historic and precedent setting ruling which says that all legal same-sex marriages must be recognized in New York State. Yahoooo! Thanks Pat, and Lisa! And So It Goes On - A caregiver in Michigan who has an obvious flair for writing, and a good heart. Debo Hobo dot Com - She just had a birthday. Can you guess her age? If you can you just might win a $10 gift card. Check out her post dated March 13, 2008. Dr. Deb is a Psychologist. I'm not big on therapists, but I would like to be on her couch. Ahh, no Freudian slip intended. dcr Blogs- A smart cookie who likes to blog about blogging, and other things. I've learned from him. Eastcoastlife has a very popular blog. I'm learning about Singapore from her.

Forging Iron Man - He's a nursing student, into martial arts, and cancer survivor. We have several things in common- Christianity, Health Care, and Star Trek. We have had our disagreements, but work though them, (see link below). He's a good guy. Lady Banana is a cheeky Brit who has an addiction problem. She blogs about it openly. - I wish I could hire her as my personal trainer. I could have used this info when I was a vegetarian. Living Our Dream is about a couple from my area who sold everything they owned and purchased a boat. They have been traveling around the world for 3 years. Now that's living!

If you want a good laugh visit Odd Planet. which has humorous news stories, dumb criminals, odd people, and funny pictures. The Isle of Kevin- A brit with a very funny blog. Trying to Catch the Wind - She's from my area, a substitute teacher and an animal care assistant. Way Khool Sites has the most interesting websites listed in her blog. She lives in Hawaii. About a Nurse is the newest addition to my blog family. It's amazes me how well she treats her patients. Beth Allen ll Recommended blogger to me. Google Blogger has worked well for me, and blogging is additive. I now have a general rule to only put one blog site up per person, but back then I blogrolled 2 other of Beth's sites - Beth Allen Inc. and Writing 5 to 9.

So please visit my blogroll friends, tell them that Awake In Rochester sent you. And I would love it if you joined me on Twitter!

I have posted about some of you-

Monroe County to appeal same-sex ruling

As a Bible College graduate why can't you see that Homosexuality is a sin? Erased? Her Blog Erased?


may said...

thanks. about the twitter thing, i will think about it. you scared me by saying it's addictive :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hello May,

It might be addictive, but it's fun and doesn't take up much time. ;o) Basically it's writing a few sentences about what's going on in your life. Things that you might not have time to blog about. You can also let your followers on Twitter know about a post that you have written, and have a link to it. Since it's a way to network, others on Twitter can find your post and your readership may grow. It's fast, fun, simple, and keeps people in touch. I hope that you check it out!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, good ole Twitter ... micro-blogging at it's best! And you're right ... it can be truly addictive, lol

I didn't know you like Star Trek!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

I just started following you on twitter. ;o)

Yes, Star Trek fan here. You too? I don't have cable TV, and was disappointed that the stupid ball game was on today instead of the original. I wish they would continue the series. I think there is enough interest in it.

Anonymous said...

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