Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bargain: Wegmans Food Market 50% off Sale

I was in Wegmans at Pittsford, (New York), and found some great bargains I wanted to share with you. I'm not sure that they have these bargains in other Wegmans, but possibly.

I needed cheese, and noticed a "50% off discontinued" item, yellow sign. It was Kraft Velvetta slices, 20 slices 1 lb. for $2.04, half price! I compared it with other cheeses, and realized it was a great buy. Now I was looking for those little "50% off discontinued" signs. Next I found Weaver Chicken strips, and Chicken Bites were both on sale for $3.09, (18.5 oz bag), again 50% off. The next one was hard to believe, Banquet Chicken & Broccoli Pot Pie (7 oz) for only 25 cents! I only got a few, but wished I had picked up more. They were very tasty, and two of them with soup at dinner filled me up, (I'm a big eater). The next was on sale , but not 50%. I crunched some numbers, and it's about 40% off, Van de Kamp's Fish Sticks only $1.99.

Look for the yellow "50% off discontinued" sign. It was slightly bigger then the regular signs, and the same color so look carefully. By the way, if your interested in these particular items, they were going fast, so you might want to call first. I had limited time, so I'm sure that's not the extent of sales. If you have never been to Pittsford Wegmans it's a real treat. It's relatively new, and huge. It's three times the size of the average supermarket. You can get lost in the place. It has a salad bar, chinese food, (Wegmans Wok), and a European-style cafe, and much, much, more. The selection is out of this world. I never saw so many diffident kinds of mushrooms, (for example). Actress/singer Cher visits Wegmans when she comes here. She loves it!. Check it out next time your in the neighborhood. ~~If I Could Turn Back Time~~


Anonymous said...

WOW those are great deals.. there is no store like that around here in this town. About 15 minutes away we have a MEIJER store that sells anything and everything. I get most of my bargains at a discount food store. I was shocked to see how high cheese and milk were yesterday.. 3.69 across the board for milk.. needless to say not many were being sold there. The local gas station that has a mini market in it sells the same milk for 2.99 why buy it for 70 cents more.. RIDICULOUS!! They did have a special on grapes for 99 a lb and that was really a find. They have been extremly high here. Bananas went to 59 cents when they were 49.. It is tragic how some people just can hardly afford to eat any more. I wonder if CLINTON and OBAMA and MCcain have a solution to that problem??? : )
Have a great day!!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Caroldee,

Yes, food prices are going crazy these days. Eggs are about $1.79 here, and if you can get milk for under $3 then your doing good. Apparently chickens, and cows are on strike.

Good to see you. Have a good Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Love sales at supermarkets, make sure you have self control though, haha.

Wegmans sounds like Whole Foods Market a bit, I think they have one in the NY area.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

Self control? What's that?

Wegmans is like a regular Food Market on steroids. Yes, it's in good old NY. I went to school with the founders son, or was it his grandson.

Scott said...

Hmmm... we don't have that chain in Wyoming. Hahahah! Cher cracks me up!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Scott,

Wegmans is on the east coast.
Cher rules!