Monday, March 3, 2008

Rochester Weather: "Potential For Major Ice Storm" Plus- 1991 Ice Storm Anniversary

It's difficult to think of an ice storm now. Finally we have a gorgeous day today. The temperature is 60 degrees, sunny, spring is in the air...BUT! Tomorrow, (Tuesday), the temperature will plummet, and we may have a major ice storm. We could get more then half and inch of ice! On T.V. they said that it was not certain, so stay tuned. They also said to be prepared for power, or tree damage. Here is the weather report verbatim from WHEC news 10. You might want to click the link for the most current forecast.

"A winter storm watch is in effect from late Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday.

Low pressure lifting northeastward from the lower Mississippi valley will reach west Virginia by Tuesday evening. This will wrap warmer air over the cold air at ground level and a mixture of freezing rain and sleet will develop during Tuesday afternoon.

The mix of icy precipitation will spread over much of the watch area during late Tuesday afternoon and continue through Tuesday night before diminishing by noon Wednesday.

There cold be ice accumulations of more than a half an inch over the watch area with a significant sleet accumulation as well.

Stay tuned to News 10NBC for updates."

I will be sooo glad when Spring comes to Rochester to stay. We have had more then our share of mixed precipitation, ice, and more ice. I'd rather have snow then ice. UG! The photo is of the famous ice storm of 1991 taken at the University of Rochester. Here are more photos of that storm. and more photos plus a first hand account. Ironically this upcoming ice storm will mark the anniversary of the ice storm we had in 1991. Thank God they are not expecting that much ice this time. What is with these major storms in March? I hope that this storm is a dud. Happy anniversary Rochester, and batten down the hatches!... Again!

"ice Strom - part 1" from YouTube (Day after the March 1991 Ice Strom in Rochester, NY)


dcr said...

It's nice here too, but very very windy, which is a definite sign that temperatures are going to be changing. It's sunny too, but we're under a flood watch until tomorrow night.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dcr,

I can't remember where you live off hand, but be careful, and stay safe. This winter sure has been a difficult one for most of the states.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you guy's are getting another storm. Hopefully it passes through quickly ... :)

Charles Tryon said...

I sure remember that morning. The biggest thing was the nearly continual sound of snaps and crashes -- some of which sounded like rifle shots they were so loud -- as trees all around us kept breaking. Along with that was the sound of our dog whining next to the bed, since he was getting VERY nervous with all the strange noises.

We lost one major maple tree in front of our house, but fortunately no house or car damage. We didn't even lose power or phone lines, though I think we were the only house on the street with power still. (We had extension cords running to both neighbors powering their refrigerators.)