Saturday, March 22, 2008

HAPPY EASTER! The Easter Song by 2nd Chapter of Acts

This song brings back memories. It was written in 1974, but I never heard it until I was in Bible College. It was one of my favorites. It was written during a time in which they had the best Christian music that I have ever heard. It was during the era called Jesus movement. Enjoy!

The Easter Song by 2nd Chapter of Acts


Anonymous said...

Hope you got to do something fun for Easter!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

Thank you for the thought. Actually my Easter sucked. It was so bad that I might blog about it. I hope yours was good.

Scott said...

Happy Easter! I'd never heard of that group. Ohhh... your Easter sucked? I'm sorry!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hey Scott,

Yes, they were popular in the 1970's. When you were just a gleam in your fathers eyes.

Yes, my Easter sucked. I will attempt to blog about it. But it is a difficult subject to talk about. When you read the post, you will understand, and maybe relate to it.