Friday, March 7, 2008

If Allowed, Florida, Michigan Could Tip Nomination

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  • Florida, Michigan stripped of delegates for scheduling primaries too early
  • States have 366 Democratic delegates -- enough to put a candidate over the top
  • Clinton, Obama running tight race; likely won't clinch nomination before convention
  • Party leaders fighting to get their state delegates seated
Florida and Michigan could go from having no say in the Democratic nominating process to deciding the nominee if their states' political leaders succeed in getting their delegates seated.

The Democratic National Committee stripped both states of their delegates for violating party rules by scheduling their primaries too early.

But Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are running such a tight race that it looks like neither candidate will get the 2,024 delegates needed to clinch the nomination. If Florida and Michigan count, their delegates could put either candidate over the top. The states have 366 pledged delegates and superdelegates between them.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says "common sense would dictate that every vote should count.

"The argument that we are making is that the people of our respective states voted. They cast that precious right. They made their voice heard, and those delegates who represent them should be seated at both conventions," Crist said on CNN's "American Morning." ... Continued...

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Anonymous said...

HI.. the way our governor here in Mich. talks we do not have the millions it would take to run an extra election etc. Unless they want to pay (the DEMS) for it.. we won't be doing it. SAD the whole thing has to come down to a knock down drag out fight to the finish. SO SO MUCH money wasted on extra everything. Should make the convention very very interesting though. A ticket with both of them on it isn't too doable in my opinion.. they both want to be the
PRESIDENT period.. not second banana... Hope you have a great weekend! : )

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Caroldee,

As someone from Michigan do you feel that your state should have a do-over, or leave things as they are?

I don't know who will come up with the money, but I think that if Florida, and Michigan protest enough that someone will. People still remember Florida in 2000.