Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Funnies - Gay Marriage Jokes

"Recently, the highest court in South Africa handed down a decision ordering the country s parliament to extend marriage rights to all gay couples. So just to reiterate, American is now less progressive than South Africa." --Jon Stewart

"Congratulations gay people -- you are about to discover the joys of alimony." --Craig Ferguson, on a California judge's ruling legalizing gay marriage

"A Senate committee on Thursday approved a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage, apparently forgetting that our forefathers wore wigs and satin Capri pants." --Tina Fey

"Big vote in the Senate yesterday. They voted down the gay marriage ban. ... It was a very close vote. 43 voted 'yea.' 44 voted 'nay.' And 3 voted 'fabulous.'" --David Letterman

"President Bush said he was 'troubled' by gay people getting married in San Francisco. He said on important issues like this the people should make the decision, not judges. Unless of course we're choosing a president, then he prefers judges." --Jay Leno

"The Massachusetts court decision to allow gay marriages this week may prove to be a divisive issue in the upcoming presidential election. President Bush is likely torn because he has to protect what he sees as a sacred institution and yet he knows gay marriage would boost the economy because you know those gay guys would go all out. We're talking about designer wedding cakes, $20,000 sleeveless tuxedos, giant naked man ice sculptures that pee mojitos. They'd hire Pattie La Belle as the band, give out African parrots as party favors. It'd be ridiculous. Remember, whatever your political beliefs, a vote to allow gay marriage is a vote for a fabulous economy." --Tina Fey

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Dr. Deb said...

Came by to wish you a Happy Easter

Speedcat Hollydale said...


I have never been legally married, and am glad about that. Alimony is not my cup of tea !!!!

Years back a woman told she wanted commitment to be able to be "close" and treat our relationship with seriousness. We were engaged for a while and I quickly found out that was NOT the truth. Ha haaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!

Mike Golch said...

I think it is about time that every one should be allowed to mary who they want ifs ands or buts!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Doc. Deb,

You too!
Hey Speedykins,

Glad you dodged that bullet.
Hi Mike Golch,

Amen, brother!

Hahn at Home said...

Tina's was great! So true, too!

thewishfulwriter said...

I'm finally catching up on everyone's blogs - these jokes are hysterical. Perfect to help combat all the cynicism I've been harboring lately. I'm over Ms. California and Fox News.