Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hate Crime? - Obama sign burned on black family's lawn

This happened here near Rochester, NY, in the suburb of Irondequoit. It made national news - MSNBC. They took the story from our local station WHEC-TV. This is the article condensed. Would you consider this a hate crime?...

Several Obama signs have been stolen from people's front lawns but what happened to a family in Irondequoit is a whole lot worse. They are the only black family on the street and their Obama sign was burned.

On John's (not his real name) front lawn was the burned metal frame of what was his Obama sign. Set on fire at night and for John, it brought back memories of attacks against African-Americans.

"They would terrorize good God-fearing Americans, usually black, by burning items - usually a cross on their lawns. I just see this as an act of domestic terrorism or something very similar to what the KKK used to do."

The street isn't a busy one, and the house is tucked away. On TV news they, said that there were several other Obama signs on the street, but this one was the only one burned.

"CNN Political Commentator David Gergen says he's worried about what might happen before the election. "There is this free floating sort of whipping around of anger that could lead to some violence. I think we're not far from that."

John says the burning of his political sign. "It made me feel as though an act of domestic terrorism has been delivered to my little part of the world, my very own property."

Irondequoit Police say they're going to investigate, although it's very tough to solve these crimes.

The local chapter of the ACLU said, in their opinion, this was a hate crime."

Folks, Sen. McCain, and Gov. Palin have been trying to link Obama to terrorism. Among other things they say that Obama was friends with a "terrorist" named William Ayers. Obama was a casual acquaintance with Ayers when he was 8 years old. Young Obama could hardly be held accountable for Ayers's behavior almost 40 years ago. There has been other instances. Please read this good article from the Associated Press: Congressman says McCain "sowing seeds of hatred. "Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement, says the negative tone of the Republican presidential campaign reminds him of the hateful atmosphere that segregationist Gov. George Wallace fostered in Alabama in the 1960s...During some rallies featuring McCain and Palin, supporters have shouted "traitor," "terrorist," "treason," "liar" and even "off with his head." With all these accusations against Obama I wouldn't be surprised if John's (the Irondequoit man) house was burned down! McCain really needs to stop implying that Obama is a terrorist, or this will soon lead to violence!

Please folks, read the facts on this... He Lied" About Bill Ayers? ..."McCain cranks out some false and misleading attacks on Obama's connection to a 1960s radical." A radical Ayers Allegation ..."This attack is false, but it's more than that – it's malicious. It unfairly tars not just Obama, but all the other prominent, well-respected Chicagoans who also volunteered their time to the foundation."

WashingtonpostFactChecker: Did Obama "lie" about Ayers? ..."The McCain campaign is distorting the Obama-Ayers relationship, and exaggerating their closeness. There is no evidence that Obama has "lied" about his dealings with Ayers. It would be more accurate to say that he "told the truth slowly," a regrettable but commonplace practice among politicians seeking to avoid embarrassing questions."

Main Source: msnbc article

WHEC Original Article


Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, playing on the public's fear (terrorism) is dirty politics, just sayin.

I believe that what a person says and does now is a teller of the future.

Just sayin.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi asthepumpturns,

Well said!

I like McCain. I honestly thought he was above this.

may said...

hate and racial issues happen even when it i snot election time. it only gets more attention now because of the timing.

no matter what time, it is sad.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Good post with great references. The one thing that needs to be changed in your post is "Obama had a casual relationship with Ayers when he was 8 years old." Obama's relationship with Ayers was on a Board. Obama was "only 8" when Ayers was involved with those sordid activities and did not know him then.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi May,

Yes, hate acts, and acts based on prejudice happen all the time. But McCain has insinuated that Obama is a terrorist by association. That kind of talk insites fear, and acts of violence. I don't know for sure, but I believe that John's Obama sign was burned due fear being stirred up by The McCain campaign. I have never heard of a sign being burned before this.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Renée aka Mekhismom,

That's a good point.

meleah rebeccah said...

This election is so far out of hand. I cant even.

I've heard the stupidest and meanest things from the most ignorant people in the world...and I shudder to think those very same people get to vote.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi meleah rebeccah,

Yes, it's gotten sad now.

I'm so glad that Obama has excellent security. I think he will need it.

Anonymous said...

I think what is happening is sick and what McCain and Palin are doing is putting Obama's life in danger.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi, Hello Mary Lou,

Yes, I also think that it increases his chance of being targeted by violence. I hope that McCain doesn't act up during the debate tonight.

thewishfulwriter said...

It disgusts me that this kind of stuff still happens - to anyone at anytime.

I'm afraid this country needs more help than just a new President, but it's sure a good place to start!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi thewishfulwriter,


One thing is for sure, we won't have a Bush in the white house this time. Anyone else is an improvement.

Hey, I was going to come back, and make another comment on your blog. However, I got stuck on the "Margaret and Helen", blog that you recommended. What a riot!