Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate: Biden vs Palin + Letterman's Top Ten

Sarah Palin, who will debate Joe Biden Thursday night, speaks during a September campaign rally in Bexley, Ohio. Biden, also shown at a September event, campaigns in Akron, Ohio.

The Joe Biden, Sarah Palin match is tonight folks. It's their one, and only match so don't miss these VP contenders. It should be a crackerjack of a fight! Do you think there will be a knock out?

In this corner presenting... Choo Choo Joe Biden -

"Joe Biden is a U.S. senator from Delaware, first elected in 1972. He was born in Scranton, Pa., in 1942 but now lives in Wilmington. He graduated from the University of Delaware and earned a law degree from Syracuse University. He made a brief run for president in 1988. Biden is married to Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden. He has three children. His first wife and a 13-month-old daughter were killed in an automobile accident in 1972. He withdrew from the presidential race on Jan. 3, 2008. He was announced Aug. 23, 2008, as Sen. Barack Obama's vice presidential nominee."

Where he stands on the issues.

How truthful has he been?

In depth biography.

In this corner presenting... Sarah Barracuda Palin -

"Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska. She was elected in 2006; her previous experience includes leading the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She also served as the mayor and a councilwoman in Wasilla, Alaska."

Where she stands on the issues.

How truthful has she been?

In depth biography.


Letterman's Top Ten from last night...

Top Ten "Things Overheard at Sarah Palin Debate Camp:"

10. "Let's practice your bewildered silence."

9. "Can you try saying 'yes' instead of 'you betcha'?"

8. "Hey, I can see Mexico from here!"

7. "Maybe we'll get lucky and there won't be any questions about Iraq, taxes or health care."

6. "We're screwed!"

5. "Can I just use that lipstick-pit bull thing again?"

4. "We have to wrap it up for the day -- McCain eats dinner at 4:30."

3. "Can we get Congress to bail us out of this debate?"

2. "John Edwards wants to know if you'd like some private tutoring in his van."

1. "Any way we can just get Tina Fey to do it?"


Not sure who your going to vote for?

Take this cute, fun, quiz, and see which candidate your most in tune with. It over oversimplifies sometimes, and in doing so can be a bit inaccurate, but it will give you a general idea. It's a good tool for comparing candidates. Have fun. ;o)

Click here for Quiz -

Some good non partisan websites to check out the facts...

Fact Check


The Fact Checker - The Washington Post


On The Issues

Media Predictions - What's the media saying before the debate? CNN: Controversy brews up around VP debate moderator Ifill

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meleah rebeccah said...

Letterman Rules.

and Tina did The Best Palin @ The VP Debates impersonation. Ever.

Im still laughing over that skit, and I saw it 3 days ago!!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi meleah rebeccah,

It was great! And it was over 10 minutes long. I hear that they will be doing special political shows on Thursdays. I'm not sure if I heard correctly. I have to look it up.

Tracy said...

I think the debate was a wonderful one! I hope that people watched and really paid attention.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Tracy,

It was the highest watched VP debate in history! ;o)