Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Have Won 3 Awards!

I want to thank Tracy of Spiritual Brush Stokes AND LadyBanana for giving me this award. That's right, I have received 2 of this same award. I'm glad because it is a beauty.


LadyBanana also gave me another award. This is a cute one. Thanks LB!



I will keep 2 of the awards to give out later. At this time I would like to pass along one of my cool looking "Brillante Weblog" awards to everyone who is on my blogroll!

The catch is that you have to see this post. ;o)

Since both LadyBanana, and Spiritual Brush Strokes are on my blogroll this means that you have been double awarded! Yes, I'm being very tricky today. ;o)


Anonymous said...

good for you kiddo!

hugs and blessings

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi mjgolch,