Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anna Nalick - Breathe (2AM) - Could it be that...

It's not a good day physically (not feeling well), but mentally & emotionally I feel strong. Could it be that we are as strong, (mentally & emotionally), as we believe we are? Could it be that we can accomplish more if we just believe? Could it be that our perceptions of our self's and the world around us matter more then we think? Could it be that having a positive attitude, and trying, and showing up, is the majority of it?

If this post doesn't make sense I will blame it on not feeling well, and lack of sleep, and medication. ;o) But right now I think that I'm on to something. It seems so simple. Could it be that we are the ones who is making life so complicated? Breathe, just breathe...


LadyBanana said...

I seem to have lots of ups and downs with how mentally/emotionally strong I am.. Some days I feel I could do anything other days I just wanna hide under the bed..

Hope you're feeling better soon :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi ladybanana,

I can relate. I have the same problem.


Awake In Rochester said...

Hi LadyBanana,

You know what, I'm having a good few months, (relatively speaking). When I'm doing good it's easy to forget the depths of depression I can find myself in. I feel like I will never be that depressed again. But historically that's not what happens. It's a cycle. Hm, how do I get off this Mary-Go-Round?

Now, I think this post is kind of stupid, or at least naive. I think I will keep the post for others to see how you can fool yourself into thinking there's an easy cure. I think I need the reminder too. Although I think that there is something to be said for a positive attitude. It not always easy for me to achieve.

Thanks for your comment, it made me think.

S'onnie said...

I am sorry to hear you are having a down day. I agreed wtih ladybanana I think we all have the ups and downs. I hope you have an up day again soon :) as well as get over your illness

take care

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi S'onnie,

Thank you for your concern. I'm starting to feel a bit better, I will be fine soon. It's nothing major.

- A said...

Love the song! I hope you feel better though ... I think everyone just has one of those down day's ... but chin up though!

Can't let it take over you because if it does .. you've let it win, which we don't want. Feel better! :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. I'm doing better now. ;o)