Tuesday, March 23, 2010

YIPPEE! The Health Care Reform Bill Passed!

Although I think they could have done better on the bill, I'm glad that it passed. I have been reading blogs by some people who couldn't get life saving treatments or drugs because they either didn't have health care, or had inferior health care. Some passed way because the "richest country in the world" doesn't have a proper health care system. It is not just sad to me, it's scary! I might be diagnosed with a serous disease, and I don't have health care Insurance. I'm afraid that once I'm diagnosed that the insurance companies will reject me, and that one day I might be in a critical situation. Unfortunately health insurance companies can still reject someone with a previous diagnosis until 2014 even with this bill. However, it is better then what is happening now. Reform that saves lives is good in my eyes!
Read about the bill - WebMD: Myths vs. Facts


Jaffer said...

Congratulations fellow neighbours - I too was so excited that I was watching the vote last Sunday and Obama signing the bill - with a few too many pens I wonder why !

Lady Banana said...

That's really good news!

meleah rebeccah said...

Ugh. My health care coverage is terrible, and I cannot tell you how much money I have to spend MONTHLY because of my serious medical conditions. Its a TOTAL nightmare.

Awake In Rochester said...

Jaffer, lol! I didn't see him sign it, but maybe he should invest in more pens. ;)

Lady Banana, Amen!

meleah rebeccah,

Ek! I'm sorry to hear that! I wonder what insurance you have?