Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Update - Spring?

SRING IN "ROCHESTER? - The news said that the East coast is getting slammed by severe rainstorms and floods. Not in Rochester. Yes, we are getting a good rainstorm, but nothing out of the ordinary. Flooding in low lands. In fact it seems more like Spring here! We recently enjoyed 7 days of sunshine in a row with temps 48-61. More beautiful weather starts Tuesday. Yippee! If winter isn't over, then this is one heck of a nice respite! MYSTERIOUS DISEASE UPDATE - I have a copy of my CBC, and think I know what it means, thanks to the net. Not good, but no immediate danger expected. I will see the hematologist the first week in April. I expect him to comfirm it. More waiting. Maybe waiting is good because it helps me to come to terms with a bear of a disease. BORING - Sorry that my updates are so boring. I can't wait until the festivals start! They are always fun! I'll get out + about, and tell you some nice things instead of the same old crap. Thanks for sticking around and caring! I really appreciate you folks!


Lady Banana said...

The weather has improved here as well, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Today was Mothers Day and it was beautifully sunny!

Dr. Deb said...

Lucky to have a string of good weather days. Looks like a tornado hit Long Island where I live. Good luck with seeing the hematologist in a few weeks.

meleah rebeccah said...

We were SLAMMED with over 6 inches of rain. We've had serious flooding complete with a power outage for THREE consecutive days. Total Nightmare.

this week is SUPPOSED to be beautiful. *fingers crossed*

Rebecca said...

We were in Rochester in April last year and it was BEAUTIFUL! Hope you get some of that great weather soon!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Lady Banana, Crossing my fingers. I hope you had a nice mothers day. ;)

Hi Dr. Deb. Tornado! Ek! Thanks, for the good thoughts about the hemo!
Hi meleah rebeccah, 6 inches! Start building an ark! Crossing my toes. ;)
Hi Rebecca, We have great weather now. About 55 and SUNNY! Rochester is very nice in the summer.