Friday, May 16, 2008

Nice Weather = Less Blogging

Nice Weather = Less Blogging

I'm sure that it's nothing new that people tend to blog less in summer. I will be one of them. Oh, I don't know how much less, but I imagine I will slow down some. You may tag me for memes and such, but please understand if I don't have time to do them. After a long hard Rochester winter I am out of hibernation, and want to get out and about. I want to go to festivals, beaches, see more movies, etc. Besides that I have to take care of a few things like get help for the depression, and concentrate on taking better care of myself. It's a good time to reprioritize.

A few subjects have come to my attention to blog about, but I will just touch on them...

What is going on John Edwards?

I can't figure him out. Why did he wait so long? He just backed Obama AFTER North Carolina voted. In my previous post "The John Edward Factor", I wrote how Senator Edwards, (of N.C.), could be a major player. Everyone thought that he would back either Hillary, or Obama before the North Carolina vote, and in so doing maybe rack up a few more delegates for his favorite. But he waited until the last minute, so his endorsement will not be as affective. It looks like he is just backing the Democrat that is leading. He also has stated again, that he does not want to run for Vice President. He's a relatively young, ambitious, politician who seems to be throwing in the towel. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with his wife's health. Or maybe he is interested in the V.P. position, but just giving us a load of crap.

Hallelujah! California legalizes gay marriage!

Now we have two states, Massachusetts and California. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi plan to wed. Congratulations ladies! But is it me, or do we seem backwords? After all Canada has already legalized gay marriage. We are slow, doing it one state at a time. For a country who says that they are for civil rights, we sure are taking our time about it.


LadyBanana said...

I may also slow down a bit if good weather lasts a while but I won't hold my breath, we had a few wonderful days and it's all gone down hill again now..

Hope you don't mind but I tagged you!

- A said...

I hope you get to enjoy your summer! I know you've written about the snow storms before and glad to hear you'll be able to go out and have some fun.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi LadyBanana,

My cyber friend, you would have to go through bloggers anonymous before you slowed down. ;o)

Thanks for reminding me of memes. I just added... "You may tag me for memes and such, but please understand if I don't have time to do them."

I am behind in memes, but will try to get to yours, however, it may show my age since most songs I listen to are from the 60's and 70's. "Those were the days my friend I thought they never end..."

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi -a,

Thanks! I went to the Lilac Festival and had a great time. It was on a the day when they had food samplings, and wine. I had enough samples for lunch, plus got a bit of a buzz to boot. To tell you the truth I'm not crazy about flowers so the samples were a nice plus. Hm, I just might add this bit the the post.

asthepumpturns said...

Yeah good ole Cali, the clinic I work at, one of the techs just announced her and her long time partner were getting married. I think it's great.

Whatever floats peoples boats

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi asthepumpturns,

(For those who read comments asthepumpturns lives in California.)

Cool! I think that there might be a rush to the alter there. It looks like the republicans are going to try to change the law saying only a man and woman may marry. So I think many will try to tie the knot before that could occur. But good old Gov. Arnold says he won't allow that law. We will see.

asthepumpturns said...

I thought I heard that our govenator was going to allow the bill to pass. I guess we shall see.