Monday, May 19, 2008

Luke... I sense a disturbance in the blogosphere

Luke... I sense a disturbance in the blogosphere. GO... warn Obiwan, Yoda, and the brave Jedi bloggers. I will remain here with this bucket of bolts. And Luke ... remember ... resist the dark side, it leads to chaos.

This video is Star Wars - Imperial March, or Darth Vader's Theme. For some reason I genuinely like this song. The video is only one minute long, and well worth it. But don't watch it if you scare easily.


dcr said...

Darth Vader's not so scary without his cape! ;-)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dcr,

Vader rules! Cape, or no cape. ;o)

Scott said...

That was nice 'n' silly. Why is it labelled "mental illness"?

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Scott,

Well, since your in college, I will answer your question in a familiar manor. The answer could be one, or more of the following.

It was labeled "mental illness" because...

A. I got carried away with my labels, and accidentally added it. Ops!

B. This post is a metaphor concerning something I'm noticing in the blogosphere, but don't want to directly address.

C. It's to remind us that our most deepest fears can be laughed at in the right light. Fear = anxiety = mental illness.

D. It was labeled such because Darth Vader had to be mentally ill to savagely kill all those people.

E. This post was actually written my Hillary Clinton concerning Obama, ask her.