Friday, July 1, 2011


I’m just popping in for a quick update. I want to thank those of you who have contacted me asking when I’ll start blogging again. Well, I still don’t have a computer and it’s difficult to maintain a blog using the library computer. So I don’t think I’ll resume my blog until I can afford one.

I’m doing well. No depression in sight for quite a long while. However, I have lost my “professional distance”, concerning patients. This means that I sympathize with them too much. Not a good thing when you’re a Nurses Aide. I could start crying and getting depressed again. I might have to switch careers. So I’m still working things out. I’m still battling the results of depression and reaction to the sudden deaths of my 3 relatives. I find that it’s easy to fall, but much harder to get up.

My MSW shrink seem to help some, but he is very limited. Some people told me about “tools” that my shrink would give me to help with depression. But 98% of the time he just tells me to get out and about, also to make real time new friends. (I lost friends when I quit my job.) I have to get a new shrink due to a change in my health insurance. Maybe that’s a good thing. He is easy to talk to though.

I’m doing good health wise. I’ve maintained my weight loss of about 50 lbs, but have not lost any more. I have to get back to it now that the weather is nice. Today will be a beautiful day, 80 degrees (27c) and sunny, a good day for a brisk walk.

Same-sex marriage passed in New York State! Hallelujah! We became the sixth state to do so and are the largest by far. They expect same-sex marriages to double in the country! I would love to see the first gay couple get married in my state. But I’m sure I’m not the only one. I would love to say that it ends discrimination, but some jerk in line was spouting off the other day. He said “next people will be marrying animals”. Also, “in the old testament they killed gays”. One lady with children spoke up and said, “Do you have to talk about it here?” She was obviously upset. I never know how to respond to prejudice. At lest someone spoke up. Others had disgusted looks on their faces.

Bravo to Republican Senator Jim Alesi (Rochester area) for being the first Republican to vote for same-sex marriage!

Well, see you later folks!


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Babs-beetle said...

Nice to hear from you! I'm glad you are feeling a lot better, and I still believe that you will come out on top soon, in every way :)

Mike Golch said...

Nice to hear that you are doing Ok.Hope that you get a computer soon.Big time Hug.

Jaffer said...

Hey I missed you the other day on twitter.

I am glad you are doing well health-wise.

I am hoping and praying that things fall in your favor often.

S'onnie said...

Hi there,

nice to hear you are doing well. I hope things fall into place work wise and that you can get back online soon :)

kia kaha - stay strong

Lady Banana said...

Hey! So nice to see a post from you after all this time. I got so excited the other evening when I saw your Tweet but I was too late by the time I replied you must have gone..

I really do hope you manage to get a computer before too long.. there are some decent priced ones around these days, they may not be the highest spec but at least they would get you online and back in the swing of things!

Keep us updated, happy to hear you are doing ok x

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Babs-beetle,

Thanks! The depression is much better, but anxiety is not. I guess it all takes time.
Hi Mike Golch,

Thanks for the hug! x I find that I have a lot more time without the computer, but I miss you guys! x
Hi Jaffer,

Yes, I was just on for a few minutes and ran out of library computer time. Darn! Keep on praying please! ;) Hope your A-OK!
Hi S'onnie,

Thanks! My shrink says I'm stronger then I think. I hope so. lol!
Lady Bananananana,

I would like a computer, but about $300ish is a lot of money for me these days. I just don't have it. I miss you! BIG X !