Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's That Song? (LIQUID ILLUZION)

I heard a song playing in the supermarket the other day. It was familiar, yet not enough that I knew all the words. I stopped dead in my tracks as I tried to remember where I heard it, and what significance it had. Then it hit me. A smile came to my face. It was a song from LIQUID ILLUZION'S Playlist that she use to have on her blog. I listened to the song with a broad smile on my face. For a moment it seemed that she was listening too.
Suzanne's blog use to be a refuge for me. I slept very little in those days, filled with depression and anxiety. For some reason it gave me comfort to listen to her Playlist while reading a post or two. I felt accepted, and welcomed by her. Little did I know that she was suffering great inner turmoil, and was depressed too. I'm grateful that I had a chance to know her a bit. I'm grateful to her for allowing me to hang out at her blog, and for sharing her life. For being a comfort to me, although she never knew it. I wish I had the time to get to know her better.
The song was Paper Airplanes by Rosie Thomas. <-- Click to hear it on Playlist.

i wish he could see
how beautiful he is to me
i wish i could stay out of his way
but thats much too hard for me

i wish we could fly away
on a paper airplane

he tells me everything
calls me his martin luther king
says he's good at running far

i tell him everything
call him by the wrong name
say i'm good at chasing stars

i wish we could fly away
on a paper airplane
i wish we could fly away
on a paper airplane

And thank you Amias for keeping your good friends' blog open, and maintaining it so well. And sharing her with others.


meleah rebeccah said...

Thats a very lovely song.