Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Wild Unwanted Visitor

I was coming out of my apartment when I heard my neighbor calling, "Chippieee Chippieee!" She was putting nuts on her window sill calling the chipmunks. She was standing in her open window. A Chipmunk appeared, and scurried up the side of the building to her second story window, grab a nut, then back down. It never entered her open window. He repeated this several times.

Weeks later I was watching T.V. when I heard a noise. I noticed a shadow. "It has to be outside." I thought, but kept an eye on it. I saw my curtain move, and a chipmunk appear on the chair. Great, just great! If it had been a squirrel I might have screamed, and fled the apartment. But this cute little guy wasn't as scary. Still, I could feel my heart beating fast. I went over, and opened a window calling it trying to coax it out. It just looked at me. So I closed the window. I closed some doors in my apartment bathroom, closet, and such. Then I went into my bedroom to get dressed in a hurry since I was in my lingerie.

When I came out about 2 minutes later, I could no longer see the Chipmunk. I looked out my window and saw a chipmunk near my building, but thought it was his mate waiting for him. It couldn't be him, could it? He couldn't be that smart, and fast? I made a quick phone call to my neighbor who feed the Chipmunks. She said she would be right over. My neighbor had brought some nuts, and called the chipmunk as I opened a window wide. But no luck. I moved the sofa, but Chippie wasn't under it. Latter that day, I closed the gapes between my a/c and window with tape.

That day I kept my eyes open. I looked around for it. I also would turn down the T.V. and listen. No sight, or sound of the critter. Could it have made his exit when I went to get dressed? Was it that smart? Or was it hiding? I left my light on all night, and reluctantly went to bed. I had visions of a hairy thing cuddling up to me in the middle of the night, but that didn't happen. All was quiet, but I only slept 4 hours. It's been several days, and no chippie. I did see several outside afterwards. I hope that Chippie was super smart, and dashed out the same way he came in when I went to get dressed. Time will tell. I think? Here Chippieee!


Tracy said...

awwww well at least your visitor is a cute one! LOL, I hope that he found his way out, and is no longer in your place.

I hope you are having a blessed weekend.

LadyBanana said...

Such a cute little thing, I wish we had them in UK!

Still I guess actually having them indoors is not the best idea...

Naughty thing though, peeking at you in your lingerie :)

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Tracy,

Yes, he was a cute little devil. My neighbor said that she would stop feeding them, but I heard her calling Chippie this morning. Having nuts around doesn't help.

Awake In Rochester said...

You don't have Chipmunks in the UK? Hm, I'm learning about the UK from you.

I'm afraid I must of given my neighbors a scare when I opened the window, and tried to coax him out. I only had on a light summer nightgown. At the time I wasn't thinking of how I looked, I just wanted Chippie out.