Friday, November 26, 2010

No More Depression! It’s been one YEAR!

Great news folks, my shrink has told me that I’m not clinically depressed! It’s been about one YEAR since my last episode of depression. Frankly, I think that I started going to him when I was getting better. I didn't want to go to him sooner because when I was depressed I had some dark thoughts that I wouldn't have wanted to share.

He has realized that I’ve gotten better primarily on my own and asked me what has made the difference. Besides all the good thoughts and prayer of good people like you, (thank you!), I believe that my diet in particular has placed a key roll in my recovery. I haven't taken any medication for depression.

For a long while I had to live off the food I got from food cupboard donations. Much of it was canned and boxed highly processed food with a very limited variety of canned vegetables. I rarely got any fresh fruit or vegetables. I’m grateful for what I got, however it wasn’t a very healthy diet. Now that I’m on food stamps, plus have had a health scare, I started to eat a much healthier diet. It's much more balanced nutritionally. I’m eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. I’ve also switched to healthy fats/oils like olive oil. I’ve been taking A-Z multiple vitamin and mineral tablets. I also read that serotonin is good for depression so I’ve been eating 1 oz of deluxe mixed nuts and a potato a day. Eating garlic may be helping as well. Although I'm not on the Mediterranean diet, my diet is similar. I'm sure that exercise like walking has helped me too, although I have not been consistent.

I’m aware that I’m not out of the woods. Depression is like having a severe injury that is prone to re-injury. In other words depression is a weakness that can return. I have to stay vigilant in my fight against it and do what I can to maintain the ground that I’ve gained. I’ve chosen to keep seeing a shrink, (believe it or not). I think that he has helped a bit, but honestly not nearly as much as I thought he should have. Due to a change in my health care insurance I will need to drop him and get a new shrink. Hopefully the new shrink will be more effective. Right now I’m just very happy that I’m no longer in depression!

By the way, eatting healthy has had other benifits. I have lost 47 pounds so far.

For more information on the link between diet and depression read...

Depression Guide, Depression and Diet by WebMD

and Nutrition: Lower Depression Risk Linked to Mediterranean Diet by The New York Times

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Rebecca said...

Great news - for so very many reasons! Yay for no more depression, for eating healthy, and for weight loss.

Many prayers that this trend continues for you and many praises for answered prayers!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Rebecca,

Many thanks!

meleah rebeccah said...

This is the best news EVER. Seriously.

I am sooooooooo happy for you that I have tears of joy running down my face. I know how long and how hard you struggled. And hearing you talk like this literally makes my heart sing.

I am thrilled your eating healthy and very impressed with your weight loss too!!


I love you AIR!!

Lady Banana said...

That's really good news!

It seems you are in a much better place than last year in every way.

Now the next step is a visit to London :)

Stay well xx

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Meleah Rebeccah,

Thanks so much! It truly touches me that you're so happy for me. ;)
Hi Lady Banana,

Yes, I usually feel like I’m making slow progress, but when I look back a year I have come a long way.

Packing my bags for London. But could you handle me? Te he! xx