Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Personal Update - Seeing the Finish Line (I Hope)

I still don't have a computer and have to post at the library which is cramping my style. This was written a few days ago.

I've been very busy with medical stuff. The highlight of my weekend was hearing that Columbus Day is on Monday, and my doctor's office will be closed. Hallelujah! My counselor says that my life rotates around medical stuff now, and it's like a full time job. He's right! I've scheduled everything for the next few months hoping to finish before Christmas. I will have seen 4 different doctors and have various tests including THE TEST. Yes, they are finally testing me on Oct 21 to see if I have that horrible disease. Then I get the results early in November. The test is a bone marrow biopsy. It's evasive, and barbaric. They screw a large needle into the bone and extract some marrow. Honestly, what sadistic person conceived of this test? Sheesh! I asked them to knock me out for the test. (I'm a big baby!)

From my CAT Scan (Meow!) and extensive blood test they found a few other things that don't look perfect. That's why I'm seeing a boat load of doctors. So far, so good. The worst that they have found to date is a non-cancerous fibroid in my uterus that probably needs removing. (My OB-GYN is on my list of doctors to see.) Fibroids are very common in women and I have a history of them. So no big deal.

I figure it's all relative. I mean if they picked a 50ish woman out of a crowd at random and put her thought a battery of tests like I've had, they would probably find several small things wrong with her too. Hey, nobodies perfect! Right!?

Today's Columbus Day and I'll veg out and relax before I resume the medical marathon. I need a break.

I feel very good, and am eating healthy. I've lost a nice chunk of weight form proper eating. (I have more to go.) I don't have any pain. My doctor doesn't think that I have that horrible disease, (neither do I), but the bone marrow biopsy is the only way to know for sure. My white blood cell count has come down a bit, but is still high (Leukocytosis). I hope and pray to be done with all this medical crap before Christmas. I'd greatly appreciate your prayers and/or good thoughts!!!


Mike Golch said...

Hang in there are in my prayers.

meleah rebeccah said...

"my life rotates around medical stuff now, and it's like a full time job. "

HA! I hear THAT woman! Glad you're still doing and feeling well! xoxoox

Lady Banana said...

Hey! I was wondering what had happened to you, it's been a while!

Glad to hear you are feeling good, not so glad to hear you are still struggling through all this medical stuff.

Keep us posted as much as you can, thinking of you x

S'onnie said...

Glad to hear things are continuing to look up for you, I hope everything goes well with all your tests and doctors visits. Kia Kaha (stay strong)

Dr. Deb said...

Keep us posted as to what goes on, okay?

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Mike Golch,

Thank you! Sure can use them.
Hi meleah rebeccah,

I knew you could relate to it. I'm sorry that you have been though some crap lately.
Hi Sweet Lady Banana, ;)

I miss you! I can't wait to all this medical stuff is over with. Thanks for caring. x
Hi S'onnie,

Thanks! I'm trying to stay strong. I have no idea how people do this for a long period of time. I'm not the survivor type.
Hi Dr. Deb,

Yes, will do. ;)

meleah rebeccah said...

Just checking in on you and hoping things are well. xoxo

Awake In Rochester said...

Thanks Meleah! So far so good. I have a new post and update. ;) Hope you'r doing better now.