Monday, May 24, 2010

Just Call Me Hummingbird!

I’ve been catching myself humming lately, just unconsciously humming a nice tune. It happens often now. It’s a little thing, but something I don’t remember doing during times of depression. It’s another little sign of recovery to me, and a nice thing to have back in my life.
Click here for Hummingbird by Seals & Crofts (YouTube)
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Lady Banana said...

That's a good sign.. sing out as loud as you want to, it's good for you!

Just hope it's a nice song though, sometimes I get a very irritating song stuck in my head for days!

S'onnie said...

Its nice to hear you are coming through the depression. You deserve a break :) Kia Kaha! which pretty much means keep strong

meleah rebeccah said...

I love that you are humming again! That IS a positive sign! xoxoxoxo

Rebecca said...

I was hopeful just by the title of your post - and yes, I agree, it is a positive thing! So grateful to read positive news from you. Prayers for continued humming.