Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hey Doc.,What's My Illness?

(Written on my cell. Hope it comes out ok.) Yesterday I called concerning my CBC results. The nurse said that one reading was high, and another was to low. She said that she did not know much about it, and couldn't interpret it. Of course I was worried. Today I talked with my doctor who said that my white cell blood count was still a bit high, but not as high. There was one or two possible abnormal cells, and he would have a specialist look at them. But when he called the lab, they had discared my blood. They do that after a certain amount of time. So I have to have the test done again. Boy, I hope if there are any abnormal cells that they show up again! My doctor will give me the results in three weeks when I have my apointment. UG! Does anyone have a valium?


Lady Banana said...

3 WEEKS! That's way too long to have to wait!

How awful for you.. anyway, I'm hoping there will be no abnormal cells and all will be well :)

Rebecca said...

Post came across great! But 3 more weeks - I'd share my valium if I had any :).

meleah rebeccah said...

Im psyched you can BLOG from your phone now!

But, What The Hell? Making you wait this long is NOT right.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi LadyBanana, Yes, 3 weeks! It's a free clinic. They are very slow. If I have abnornal cells I hope that they show up on that little slide. .......................... Hi Rebecca, I will be a wreck in 3 weeks.................... Hi Meleah Rebeccah, The cell isn't that good, but at least I can do a few things.