Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Suicide Awareness Day! Yippee! (Sept. 10)

I'm aware of suicide. I think about it all the time. Ha, ha. Er, if you want to read a GOOD post on Suicide Awareness Day then visit Dr. Deb. Meanwhile, I'll head to the semi-dark/sick humor side. If it scares you then...BOO!...don't read it. ...Wimp!

True Story - An old man's family wanted to put him away in a nursing home, so the guy built a "death machine" that repeatedly fired a 22 caliber gun at him. I guess it was his final F/U to his family. I don't condone what he did but at lest he was creative, original, and good with his hands. Hm, maybe he can fix my toaster? Oops, to late!

Thought - IF depression is a disease, and suicide is a part of depression; does that mean that those who die from suicide die from a disease?

10 Waring Signs of Suicide

1) You tied your tie, and it ends up looking like a noose.

2) When you hear the word "suicide" you turn and reply "Yes" as if your name was called.

3) You have 4 library books about suicide at home (Yeah!)

4) You click your heals three times repeating, "Please God take me home". (Amen!)

5) Your favorite "South Park" character is Kenny. "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" "Those bastards!"

6) You have scars on your wrists, and tell people that your writs were run over by a bicycle.

7) Last week you became deliriously happy while planing your suicide and gave all your possessions to charity.

8) You had sex with your husband for the first time in 8 months. It was a "goodbye fuck".

9) During your depression group you take a poll asking for the top 3 ways they would "off themselves."

10) When a burglar robs your bank, you stick your finger in the barrel of his gun and say, "Make my day!"

Thought - I once related to those grieving for someone who committed suicide. Now I relate to the people who committed suicide.

True Story - Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and lived. He said that he wouldn't have jumped if ONE person had bothered to say "hello" to him. After recovering from a broken back, and months of rehab, Kevin now talks with those who are suicidal.

Poem - Its all gone up in smoke. My life's become a big joke. People no longer see me, just depression city. Sick of worrying, crying, and the weight. The sight of me I really do hate. Wish it would be over soon. Maybe it will be before noon.

HEY, if you can relate to this post, (especially the last part), then you are a sick puppy and in need of help. Make an appointment with a local counselor, or if you need help yesterday call 1-800-273-TALK(8255). You might be aware that I'm not crazy for shrinks, (except maybe for Dr. Deb), but do as I say not as I do, and you'll be alright. Get help if you need it!

SONG - Never Too Late by Three Days Grace (YouTube)

Note: This blog owner will self destruct in three days! Ha, ha, just joking! This blog owner admits to watching to many sick South Park programs.

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dcr said...

In high school, I learned the best way to slash your wrists. I think I've told you this story before. A classmate had tried to kill herself by cutting her wrists and, when she was recovering in the hospital, a doctor actually told her, basically, how she should have done it.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dcr,

Do you have the doctors number? I'm trying to locate a certain artery. ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I've definitely been depressed and had suicidal thoughts.

Thank you for the awareness.

Tracy said...

Wanted to stop by to see how you are doing. Thanks for the reminder about
suicide awareness. I have a friend right now who is struggling with this issue. She lost her husband, and now she no longer wants to live. It is such a heartbreaking ordeal for all involved. Knowing she wants to die, yet for those around her wanting her to live!

I hope you are doing better yourself Awake.


Lady Banana said...

I really hope you are feeling a bit better. This is a scary subject. I have considered it.. Hopefully never again.

No self destruction please, you'll make a mess on the carpet! lol

Don't mean to sound flippant, you know me.. xx

Girl in a Glass House said...

I have not considered suicide and find it so hard to even think that you were created for a purpose (everyone was) If you haven't discovered it yet, you have no right to leave! Find your reason Awake!!! You are always in my prayers

Awake In Rochester said...


Sorry I was flippant, I was in a South Park mode.

I do remember you writing that. It's sad that some doctors are so callous. She could have easily tired again. That Dr. is a major jerk!

Awake In Rochester said...


Ek! I guess it’s not so uncommon. We just don’t talk about it because it’s taboo. I think that is a mistake because it makes us feel all alone. I feel alone much of the time, even though I can be with others. I hope that you get help if you need it now.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your good wishes! It’s difficult when you lose a loved one. Sounds like she is getting some good support.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Lady Banana,

You KNOW that I don't want you to go anywhere! I'm glad that your doing better.

Mess on the carpet!? LOL! Love your humor.


Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Girl in a Glass House,

I'm glad that even though you have had difficult times that you've never considered it. My blog is the only place that I can talk about such things, and its better then keeping it inside.

kanishk said...

Wanted to stop by to see how you are doing. Thanks for the reminder about
suicide awareness.
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meleah rebeccah said...

Honey, I certainly hope that you NEVER take your own life, because I for one would be devastated.

"Thought - I once related to those grieving for someone who committed suicide. Now I relate to the people who committed suicide."

I am ALWAYS here for you.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi kanishk,

Thanks for stopping by. ;)


Hi meleah rebeccah,

Ah, you caught that sentence. I'm not in a good place, but at least I'm going to Social Services & asking for help. Thanks for your support.

Greeneyezz said...

I would like to add a #11 to your list of warning signs...

11) when You start to identify *too closely* to Liquid Illuzion and her commiting suicide.

And I'm not being twisted or joking.


Awake In Rochester said...

Hey Greeneyezz!,

I haven't seen you in a dogs age. Hope all is well.

Yes, 11 too. Oh, and Kenny is my favorite. I really like South Park!

dmarks said...

11. Jack Kevorkian is your primary care physician.

12. You go around telling people that "Final Destination II" is the feel-good movie of the year.

13. You vacation in Detroit.

14. You are really angry at Congress that the new health care plan really doesn't have death panels.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi dmarks,

LOL! Good ones! Do you have Jacks phone #? ;)

dmarks said...

Dial 1-888-U-DEAD-NOW