Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random Ramblings #5 - Plus Rochester & Syracuse h1n1 Flu Update

Loving Spring!
- Wow! We have spring in Rochester! It's my favorite season, but sometimes we go from winter to summer. It's warming up a bit, but no real hot weather, and that suites me fine. Sure we get rain, but like I say... better rain then snow.

Here Chippieee! - My neighbor is at it again! She is feeding, and calling the darn chipmunks. She opens her window, calls to them, and then closes her window. Five minutes later she is doing the same thing. Then fine minute later. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. She is driving me crazy! Well, she is my favorite neighbor, and we watch out for each other, so I'm biting my tongue.

"Experience Not Required" - I was reading in the help wanted section and found an ad that said, Nursing Assistants Wanted "experience not required." I have NEVER seen that before in reference to an Aide. A Nurse - yes, an Aide - NEVER. We have to many Aides in Rochester so the employers get to pick. I guess that facility is getting ready for the h1n1 flu. Doors should open up to me soon.

Rochester & Syracuse New York Swine Flu Update - Bravo to WHEC Chanel 10 TV for having good coverage of this! They are the ONLY local station who informed us. It seems that the government told reporters not to say much, so we will not panic. But I worry more when I don't hear. Summarized it says that school # 12 might have a few h1n1 cases, but they are not sure. The health department is no longer notifying schools of confirmed cases. (BOO!) Dr. Ed Walsh, the head of infectious disease at Rochester General Hospital said that "his lab has handled more than 200 flu samples recently and most have tested positive for the H1N1 strain. Officially, the health department confirms only 18 cases in Monroe County. "

Syracuse N.Y. is about 85 miles from Rochester. Some disturbing stats are coming out of Syracuse concerning h1n1. They have 70 confirmed cases with 2 deaths. (About 2 deaths per thousand is expected of mild pandemic.) Nine have required hospitalization. That's about 1 out of 7 people! EK! I hope that they don't end up like New York City. and I hope that Rochester doesn't either. Of the 27 swine flu deaths in the U.S. 15 have been from N.Y. City with 820 confirmed cases. More then 500 people have been hospitalized. Thousands of people have reported flu-like symptoms. Nearly 60 schools have been closed. The city has "spent more than $10 million dealing with swine flu and estimated long-term costs rising to $100 million".
UPDATE: Monroe County has issued a health alert for the greater Rochester area for the Swine Flu. Basicly it says - Dr. Andrew Doniger County Health Director says "the local influenza outbreak has reached epidemic proportions and it's putting a strain on doctors' offices, emergency rooms and urgent care centers"... "People who have serious underlying chronic health problems could end up in the hospital and have severe complications from the flu."

School absenteeism rates rose to twice the level expected.

..."he is raising the alert level and people should expect to see changes in the way they get health care. In short, if you don't have a serious case of the flu, you may not get into see your doctor right away. That's because they're now prioritizing doctor visits to treat only the most vulnerable flu patients..."


Mike Golch said...

we all ahve some neighbors that do wacky thing that bug us,but than again maybe we do stuff that bugs them and they do not say nothing as well.

thewishfulwriter said...

I'm not gonna lie...I totally love that your neighbor feeds the squirrels :) I'm so gonna be that neighbor! I have one who feeds stray cats and I love to watch the parade of kitties every morning. Of course, she doesn't call to the kitties every half hour...I can see how that might grate on the nerves after a while. but how cute are squirrels!!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Mike & thewishfulwriter,

My neighbor opens and close the window about every 5 minutes many times over sometimes. That's no exaggeration. I did have a chipmunk crawl though the Air conditioning into my apartment looking for food. Fortunately it went out again. I'm so scared to put my A/C in this year, but it will be hot soon. She a very nice person, but I wish she would stop feeding the animals.

Debo Hoboh said...

Yikes I hope your neighbor doesn't get the rabies from those critters.

S'onnie said...

As a non american living in a country where we don't have chipmunks I would be going awwww how cute however as someone who doesn't like animals near my home... she needs to stop. good luck on that one

As for swine flu, here we are trying to treat it like normal flu as it seems on the whole to be a lot milder then the normal flu.

But there are quite a few immigrants who are treating it like SARS was treated in singapore. they have face masks and are keeping away from others as much as possible

I am so over swine flu panic though as having caught cold I am treated like a leapper by some people which is blinking silly as cold symptons and flu symptons while similar do differ in quite a few ways. Ahh well hopefully the cold will be gone by Monday

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Debo,

I know! She let's them come right up to her. She would pet them if she could.
Hi S'onnie

They are very cute, but I don't want them getting in via my A/C again.

This flu is a "Moderate" Pandemic because even some healthy people are ending up in the hosital, and dying. So it has more of a punch to it then the seasonal flu. I'm sure there is a fine line in caution to take, but hard to fine.

meleah rebeccah said...

well, as upsetting and scary as the whole swine flu situation really is, on the bright side I hope it really does open some doors for you.

Greeneyezz said...


We've had several that have come down with it, and even a couple deaths, I thnk. :(

One of the clinicians I supervise had it as well! ugh!!

I hope all is well with you. It sounds like you've got 'puter problems???


Awake In Rochester said...

Hi meleah rebeccah,

Thanks! I'm starting to look for a job again. I had given up.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Greeneyezz,

I hope that the clinician is alright.

I heard last night that a 15 year old died in Buffalo NY, and another teen about the same age is in critical condition in the hospital. I just hope that upstate does not end up as bad as NY City. The swine flu is really kicking the crap out of NY City. I don’t like the stats I see from your area & Buffalo, but it’s too early to tell. Rochester is behind you two, but not by much. So it’s too early to know about us.

My putter works fine, its stupid owner just hasn’t paid the bills.

Please keep in touch.

Real Live Lesbian said...

This flu is scary stuff. I just wish our local authorities would set a plan in place and advise us of it.

Thanks for the links below. I'm gonna check 'em out.

I wish we were having your weather! It's been 97 degrees here this week. I think I saw the Devil yesterday!

twofinches said...


I am relieved to see that the job market may be opening a little more for you. This long string of dark days may be coming to an end!

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi twofinches,

Yes, ironically this pandemic may have a silver lining for me. Thanks!

Awake In Rochester said...

Real Live Lesbian,

That's funny, I heard that you were a little devil. ;o)

Your local authorities have a plan, but the government doesn't want to panic people. They will only tell you things on an as needed basis.

I believe that is why we are not hearing much about the flu on local or national TV anymore. Also that is why they are not broadcasting that we need to get 2-5 weeks of supplies saved. They don't want a panic and so that people rush to the stores buying them out. We have to do our own homework, and listen carefully to what is said. I like Dr. Richard Besser, the acting director of the CDC. However, the guy would make a great politician. I've heard him dance around questions, and make the interviewer think that he has answered them, when he really didn't.