Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, do we have Swine Flu (H1N1) or not?

I've been waiting for the last 3 days to find out if we have a positive case of H1N1 in my area. It's hard to keep up with the numbers. Monroe county (where Rochester is) started with 5 suspected cases, and is now at 13 suspected cases and 1 probable. Some other neighboring counties also has suspected cases - Genesee - 1, Wyoming - 1, and Ontario - 3. I'm sure that someone will test positive in the area. It's to many cases not to. I wonder when I'll find out the results? Maybe when pigs fly! ;)

Some of the pharmacies are running out of surgical masks. Actually surgical masks won't help you with the Swine Flu. They're to porous. You need a N95 mask or European standard FFP3. But the CDC doesn't have a clear cut answers concerning masks. They just say to wash your hands. Well, that's nice, but as a Nursing Assistant I have to get close to patients to feed them, change adult diapers, and so on. Can I get hazard pay now? Gee, if I had known a pandemic was coming this quickly I would have gotten health insurance.... and invested in surgical mask stock.


Anonymous said...

Ok, DO NOT freak me out girl! Seriously!!!!

Are you getting excited for the lilac festival? I am!

S'onnie said...

We have had 4 confirmed cases and 24 or 25 suspected cases. However the 4 confirmed cases have now gotten over it and have said it was more like a heavy cold and is less worse then the standard flu so I think that the media has made this out to be more then it is. I know people have died from this but people die from the standard flu too and we don't get all up in arms. Having said that please take steps to protect yourself particularly in your field of work!

talesofacrazypsychmajor said...

I'm curious about what the difference between 'suspected' and 'probable' is. Some of both of those are very near by where I live, been waiting bit to find out if it's legit.

Nulaanne said...

My best friend has H1N1, she also has a kidney infection, and systemic lupis. If anyone needs to be in the hospital right now it would be her. The Dr. said go home, rest, and take your meds.

It has been 4 days now and she feels better now than she has in weeks. I am not worried about the flu at all. I do think that the media is playing it up as this is not a story about the stock market, and politics.

meleah rebeccah said...

Swine Flu scares the crap out of me. I do hope you stay SAFE! And germ free.

Tammy said...

You confused me for a sec when you mentioned Ontario...I was wondering why you would mention it, them I remember there is an Ontario in the states. I'm from Canada so when I read Ontario I automatically think of the province.

Campbell Jane said...

I Love the pig picture!
Demi Moore said the other day & I quote "90 people have died from the swine flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. Over a million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom."

Real Live Lesbian said...

You'd think the hospital might have the right masks for ya!

As for the hazard pay, I'd have given it to you the first time you changed an adult diaper.

Awake In Rochester said...

Hi Yaya,

Yes! I'm trying to get my car back on the road so I can go. Do you know of any cheep car insurance co.?
Hi S'onnie,

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that! This thing does spread like wild fire. If you look at the stats from Mexico of how many have died compared to those who are sick it's frighting. Even if those stats are cut to 1/4 it will be a catastrophe. Mexico, and the Spanish flu of 1918 started out mild then got much worse. It's hard to know what will happen but let's try to be ready. Stock up on supplies including food & water if you can.
Welcome talesofacrazypsychmajor!

I like you name. I suspect all psych majors are crazy. LOL!

I don't know about those terms. I've wondered myself.
Hi Nulaanne,

Glad to hear that your friend is alright. The flu of 1918 started off mild so it's hard to know what will happen. It might come back stronger in the fall. Don't let down your guard. I believe that your friend might be immune until it mutates and flus can mutate several times.
Hi meleah rebeccah,

Yes, it's scary times! You be careful!
Hi Tammy,

Yes, it's a county near me. Stay safe!
Hi Campbell Jane,

Well, she has a very good point! However, if this thing gets bad we could see more deaths worldwide in a year then we have seen in AIDS patients worldwide in the last 30 years.
Hi Real Live Lesbian,

I think that they are purposely not mentioning the right type of mask to purchase to the general public so that they are not sold out. They probably want them for hospitals.

"As for the hazard pay, I'd have given it to you the first time you changed an adult diaper." Thank you! I wish you were my boss. ;)